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Who is the best interior designer in Lucknow, What services do interior design firm offer in Lucknow? Why you should hire an interior designer for your office or home? What is the difference between the interior designer and decorator? Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the interior services. Whether you need help creating a functional space plan, rearranging existing pieces, designing the inside of a new home. Simply sourcing amazing furniture and decor. Seeking the help of professional interior designers and decorators in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh is a must. 

  • What are the charges of front elevation design?
  • It totally depends upon the size of the project and the kind of designs you plan to have. The cost of front elevation exterior design starts from 5000/- depending upon the project and material requirements the cost may increase or decrease.
  • What is the cost of the 2BHK and 3BHK flat interior design service?
  • We do a turnkey project in Lucknow which includes lighting, flooring, Modular kitchen false ceiling, etc can reach up to approx 2BHK 8-10 for 2BHK flats and 10-12 LAKHS for 3 BHK flats or apartments.
  • How do I choose the right interior designer in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh for my home?
  • There are lots of interior designer firms in Lucknow, but the question is whom to hire. We Decoruss have ample of required experience in this field. With our successful 10 years of expertise in the field of interior design. Now we are one of the best interior design companies in Lucknow, with numerous services and benefits. We even arrange for the interior design consulting option for the clients if they want.
  • What are the differences between an interior designer and an interior decorator?
  • Interior design is the art and science in which interior designers understand people’s behavior to create functional spaces within a building
  • interior decorating is the furnishing or adorning of a space with decorative elements to achieve a certain aesthetic. In short, interior designers may decorate, but decorators do not design.
  • Can I afford interior design help from a professional?
  • Yes, you can easily afford an interior designer. In fact, it is a very good idea for selecting us. We one of the best interior designers in Lucknow as we suggest the most reliable and feasible designs according to the need of the client. Moreover, our services are pocket friendly and are also we have a high range of services.
  • Is it worth it to get interior design advice and services for a small living space?
  • Yes, for small space interior design is very essential and worth it. As small spaces demand more management and proper arrangement of space. Small spaces demand a certain amount of attention like proper functionality, space management, and ventilation. Which can be easily designed and executed by an interior design company. Hence, go through our interior design services and you can easily understand.
  • What important factors do you keep in mind when designing a room?
  • Having a clear vision of what you want is essential. While designing a room the basic elements of design are always kept in mind like:
  1. The functionality of the design.
  2. Overall Theme of other areas of your home.  
  3. Storage with Creativity. 
  4. Amount and Adjustment of Light. 
  5. Colour Palette and Visual Comfort.
  6. Comfort.
  • The elements mentioned above are basic and are always considered by our interior designer in any project. Moreover, the client’s requirements are given uttermost importance by us.
  • What is the sequence of phases that my design project will go through?
  • There are 3 Phases in an interior design project which Decoruss follows:
  1. We visit your site and discuss with you your requirement of Interiors and take
  2. We then Do Space Planning and make a 2D design plan which is an important part
    of Interiors because this helps us also to get an approximate idea of the costing
    depending on size.
  3. We then make a 3D design plan which is nearly a realistic view of your project and simultaneously we start the execution.
  • Why should I hire an interior designer?
  • We should hire an interior designer for a better plan and design usually, the first thought we get when we plan for a new house is its interiors and whether hiring an interior designer is a good option or not.  But we should remember there are experts for every profession. Who can do their work easily and with expertise whiteout loss? So we can say hiring an expert for your space will be the best decision for your house or office project.
  • How can an interior designer save me money?
  • Interior designers save your money and time both with their experience they combine art with science for proper space design. Hiring an interior designer gives a solution and creates a proper budget format. Interior designer’s cost estimates are used calculated accordingly.  
  • What are the 2 D design and 3 D design costs of the interior of the home or office?
  • If we talk about what is 2D designs and 3D designs are? 2D refers to the space planning measurement whereas 3D represents the realistic image of the plan. 40/-rs per square feet is the charge we take for creating any design 2D or 3D.
  • Who is the best interior designer in Lucknow?
  • Well, there are lots of interior designer in Lucknow, but the things that matter is the services and their commitment to there clients. Decorous is one of the best interior designers in Lucknow who provides the best interior design solution to their client within a committed period of time. We believe in customer satisfaction and the trust that we want to develop within them.  
  • How long will our project take?
  • May it be a Residential Interior Design Project or a Commercial Interior Design Project time depends upon the size of the project. If there is a 2BHK flat with complete Interiors with False Ceiling, Modular Kitchen, entire Customized Furniture, Wardrobe, Sofa, LCD panels Dinning table, Painting, etc all will take approx 30 days and a for 3BHK/4BHK with the above mentioned will take about 30-45 days. Also depends on how fast our 3D designs are made and approved.
  • Do you charge for your first meeting?
  • No, we don’t, The first meeting includes a general introduction for understanding what are the requirements of the client like are they planning for renovation or painting of the house or a full turnkey solution. We believe in creating a level of understanding in the first meeting to draw the steps for further undertakings easily and efficiently. We have a consultancy fee but it depends upon the requirement and size of the project.
  • What cities do you work in?
  • Within this long and successful 10 years duration, we have expanded tremendously on various locations and now we have covered the entire Lucknow (Gomti Nagar, Hazratganj, Alambagh, Aliganj, Indra Nagar) and neighboring areas too like Kanpur, Faizabad, Sitapur, Raiberli, Baranabki, Lakhimpur-Kheri, and Gorakhpur.
  • I don’t know what style I want – can you still help?
  • Yes, as the best interior designer in Lucknow, UP with our experience, knowledge, and expertise we can easily assist you in choosing the right kind of design for your space which suits your requirement and pocket too. We also, give architectural and interior consultancy services to our clients for a better understanding of their needs and expectations. You can check our latest interior design Portfolio for a better understanding.
  • When you design a room, what is the most important interior design advice you give?
  • Most important in Interior Designing a Room, Kitchen, Living room, Dinning, or any part of the House, it not only looks but comfort and practicality of the design. It is not necessary that a beautiful luxurious design or color theme will be comfortable, practical, and livable. The Interiors of Residential and Commercial is deciding on the basis of the feasibility, comfort, and lifestyle of the client.
  • How involve in the process will I need to be?
  • Your involvement will be required for the approval of the design. When the execution of your chosen design gets started, we do request you to please visit the site. Hence, for keeping a check on the quality of material and on the work. So that you can be satisfied that the work is going on according to your requirement and demand.