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About Us Are you Looking for the Best Interior Designer?

We are one of the best interior designers and decorators in Lucknow covers all kinds of interior & exterior designing. Also recognized as House and building construction company in Lucknow who is able to configure and present any sort of construction, whether commercial or residential. The company is capable of building strategies that are suitable enough to give the best quality designs. Providing consulting is a professional way to resolve our client’s queries.

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ServicesAs the Best Interior Designers What we Offer?

Acquiring a full-spectrum of services for us is very essential. Following that, we offer services like interior designing, architectural designing, turnkey projects landscape planning, and other constructional services. Imagining to make the world beautiful and modern takes high essence of responsibility that we take to deliver you best. As the best interior designer and decorator in Lucknow, we offer are highly reliable and trusted by all our clients.

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GalleryHave a Look over Interior Decoratives Ideas.

Our idea of interior designing is modern and sophisticated if you search the best interior designer in Lucknow, you will find us. working is simple and creative covering numerous services like modular kitchen design to commercial interior designing services. Have a look over our gallery and decideReincarnating spaces and crafting ideas which renovate not only the surrounding but also furnish the atmosphere where memories will be made and lived.

What Makes Us Different

One Stop Solution

Planning, designing, and Construction

On your bare land, we plan, design & construct your dream house.

Space Planning, designing, and Execution

We plan your Interior space and design it according to your budget style and choice.

We finally execute our Interior Designs

Keeping in mind price, quality on-time completion of work.

Easy EMI option

We can help you in financing your project with reputed institutions.

We give what we commit

To keep transparency between you and us, the Execution of your complete Interiors will be done on your site for you to inspect.

Contact us any Time

Our Clients are welcome to call us any time of the day even after office hours for their queries or any discussion.

We Stay Connected

Even after we have completed your project we will be happy to an end to your complaint if any.

Services we offer as an interior designer in Lucknow

There is numerous service we give depending upon the client’s requirement we design and modulate. If you are looking for the best interior designer in Lucknow Decoruss is the answer. The extensive and wide range of service will definitely satisfy our client’s needs.

Resideintial interior design project

Residential Interior Design Services

As one of the Lucknow’s top residential interior designers in Lucknow. Decoruss gives best interior design services in Lucknow can help you outfit your home to a world-class designing standard and that too at an affordable price tag.

Interior designing for commercial projects

Commercial Interior Design Services

Decoruss offers the best commercial interiors designer in Lucknow. Give your unfilled space to us and we will make an interior which will convey the objective of your business effectively and productively.

exterior design and execution

Exterior Design And Execution services

At the point when we go to the exterior design of a spot, it alludes to the façade or external perspective on wherever it might likewise be private or commercial as everybody needs to introduce their space in its own.

Red modular kitchen design project

Modular Kitchen Manufacturers & Dealers

We, at Decoruss, offer exclusive varieties in the modular, luxury and budget-friendly kitchen in Lucknow. We are leading modular kitchen manufacturers and dealers in Lucknow with numerous long stretches of involvement with structuring and actualizing kitchen installations

best residential construction company

Decoruss commenced it’s undertakings mainly to meet the expanding demand of residential and business properties in Lucknow. Being, a best interior designer in Lucknow is the dynamic and open organization has looked for a methodology of using expertly qualified workforce in the field of design, basic structure, whether residential or commercial construction

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Decoruss, as an architect and interior designer specialist in Lucknow, we can convey huge vision arrangements, for example, Master-intending to a lot progressively bright ideas, for example, furniture setups, 3D inside plan format. Our experience will improve the end idea from huge workplaces to single-family habitations. Responsibility of an Architect and interior designer is huge especially when it comes for Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.


Designing with the sense of history and taste of the future is what Decoruss is known for. The style and structure depend upon the way you live (lifestyle), some people like to live in a classic environment filled with ancient architecture and historical touch.


Some people like to pace up with the recent trends viz. modern architecture and futuristic designs. Decoruss as the best interior decorator in Lucknow covers all your preferences by designing your living and working space as per your requirement which not only suits your personality or working but also portrays your lifestyle.


As your outfit can uncover a ton about your character as well as your present mind-set and your schedule for the day. Your home, in any case, is a progressively predictable impression of you, or possibly it ought to be. Your home is where you tend to spend most of your day time, therefore, should be very comforting and relaxing. For this reason, your living space should reflect your personality, unique traits, interests, and qualities.


“The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment, not about fashion or what’s in or what’s out but how the people feel in certain space.


This is not an easy job.” The understanding of Architect technicality is very essential is you want to succeed in the interior designing field. As architect and interior designer are closely related, So understanding is highly essential. If you connect with the best interior designer and decorators in Lucknow that’s Decoruss you will get a lot of services.


Eclectic refers to selecting or choosing from various sources or made up of what is selected from different sources. In interior designing style following any one system is not essential, but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems.
There are ample options to choose from tradition, local geography, the purpose to be served, or the cultural background of the client.

Best construction and Artchitect in lucknow

Our Construction Division

Kamalam Construction (Sister Concern)

We started a Construction Company in Lucknow Kamalam Construction a (Sister Concern) of Decoruss. You must recognize us as the best interior design company works along with an Architect to Plan and Design the Interior Space. There is numerous Architect firm in Lucknow, but everyone wants best. Our experience and knowledge make us the best architect in Lucknow. You might be searching for the architect near me or Top architectural firm in Lucknow for any of your projects. To make your dream home or office physically, socially and aesthetically functional. So this saves our Clients time running between an architect and interior designer and getting the Construction done in a well planned and organized manner under one roof. Kamalam Construction consists of a well-trained team of Architect, Civil Engineer, Supervisors and workers. We have experience in Residential and Commercial Projects in Lucknow and neighbouring cities like Barabanki, Faizabad, Sitapur, etc

Residential House & Building Construction Service

Commercial office and interior design

Commercial Office and Complex Construction Service

Renovation, Remodeling & Home Makeover Service

How we work


Our Team makes a visit to your site, after your visit to our office or before to take the measurements and to understand your requirement along with your preferences and choice. Because we believe in giving a shape to your dreams so your Choice is our Priority.


After we have the dimensions of your site we do the space planning and make a 2D Plan which gives an idea of the placement of furniture etc required by you but also the sizes of each which helps us give you an idea of the Costing.


After the space planning, we get down to Designing your Project as mentioned keeping your choices & preferences in mind like colour, theme, concept etc. We give shape to your dreams through expertise & make a 3D design that gives realistic look to entire project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about our services and solutions. Home interior design near me and the best interior & decorators in Lucknow are some of the frequently asked questions.

What are the benefits of hiring an interior designer?

Hiring an interior designer gives lots of benefits, If we take Decoruss one of the best and professional interior designers in Lucknow who offers lots of other services other than interior design like interior design consultancy, Customized furniture option, Renovation, False ceiling, etc. Which gives lots of other options to choose from and even help the client by saving their money and time looking for the same services outside.

What interior design services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of interior design services for our clients. As one of the top interior designers in Lucknow, we believe in diversity and options for the client to chose from. We have not limited our self only to interior design but we provide building house and construction, renovation, architecture, and interior design consultancy as well to the clients.

How can an interior designer save my efforts and time?

Interior designer save lots of your time and efforts as we give a complete package of interior design services which covers your complete project. Hence because of it, you don’t have to take the burden of arrangements of other services like lighting, flooring or House wall painting, this saves time effords and money. We cover all of these and help you design your home according to your need, requirement as well as mood and lifestyle. 

Is there any possible way to check your previous work or project?

Yes, you can check our previous work & project we have represented all those on our portfolio page representing a good sample of our home & office design work. Feel free to check & contact us for more images of other specific projects that may be closely related to yours. We belive in trust & ideology through our portfolio page you can get a glimpse of our work & projects we handled in past. 

For small space kitchen which modular kitchen layout is popular?

Basically, there are lots of options available in the market for modular kitchen and we as modular kitchen manufacture and dealer in Lucknow provide all kinds of layout based on client requirements. If we consider small size kitchen then we generally recommend L shape or U shape kitchen layout as per the client need. Whatever fits in your small size kitchen and give a very impressive and modern kind of look to your kitchen.

I don’t know what style I want – can you still help?

Surely we as the best interior designer and decorator in Lucknow UP not only give designing for home interiors and office. Also, give architectural and interior consultancy service to our clients. By giving ideas of style and theme according to your choices, living styles\habits, family size, socializing etc

Check out some of our Projects

We have successfully completed various residential and commercial interior project in areas like Gomti Nagar, Alambagh, Aliganj, Indra Nagar, etc. If you check interior designer near me you can easily find us. As we have completed numerous projects we have good command over analysing budget and material We love what we do, and we’re the best at it — but don’t take our word for it. Have a look at some of our previous projects and discover our class of operation, as our work speaks for us.


Decoruss interior design testimonials

Decoruss has been an amazing partner in collaborating ideas and designs for our home. They didn’t just create a house, rather they created a heaven for us where we sow our memories.

Rakesh Tiwari

Decoruss interior design testimonials

What an amazing team of experts Decoruss have, the guys are so good in their work which reflects perfection and above all precision. I recommend everyone to consult them in every interior or exterior designing work.

Ritika Jain

Decoruss interior design testimonials

I decided to go with Decoruss for the interior design of my office when they asked me to visit the site than I was really mesmerized and was unable to recognize my own space. What an incredible transformation of the place they did. Truly amazing!

Ankit Pandey

Decoruss has been an amazing partner in collaborating ideas and designs for our home. They didn’t just create a house, rather they created a heaven for us where we sow our memories.

Rakesh Tiwari


What an amazing team of experts Decoruss have, the guys are so good in their work which reflects perfection and above all precision. I recommend everyone to consult them in every interior or exterior designing work.

Ritika Jain


I decided to go with Decoruss for the interior design of my office when they asked me to visit the site than I was really mesmerized and was unable to recognize my own space. What an incredible transformation of the place they did. Truly amazing!

Ankit Pandey


Decoruss interior design testimonials

Our request for modular kitchens and Wardrobe material was conveyed according to the timetable. The quality of the material provided was one of the best of its kind making the output even better. We thank Decoruss for reincarnating our simple kitchen into a glance worthy part of our house.

Ritu Singh


Decoruss interior design testimonials

Decoruss has given incredible interior design service; this is comprehensive from engineering plan, furniture, room design, and shading determination, thorough and complete from thought to execution. I have seen their work and thoughts as innovative just as excellent. Decoruss endeavours to fulfil and does as such! I am pleased to suggest Decoruss for all interior design needs.

Shivangi Singh


Decoruss interior design testimonials

Decoruss does a wonderful job in identifying as well as attaining client’s taste, preference, and style as well as incorporating that into any work they do for you. They possess a great sense of colour combination/style and final vision for any project which they efficiently undertake. The end result is a masterful culmination of what they envision as a professional and top-notch designer, and the look and feel desired by the client.

Akshat Samwal


Decoruss interior design testimonials

Decoruss has been our partner on several projects over the past 10 years. They are very creative in her use of colour combinations, patterns, and textures; we are very much satisfied with the results! Decoruss also has a great network of highly trained specialists, so they can pull together large as well as small projects. It has been a journey of great pleasure to work with Decoruss, and I am sure we will call upon them again.

Harshit Tiwari


Decoruss interior design testimonials

When I bought my dream house Decoruss helped me in transforming a ‘nice house’ into a ‘great house.’ Their innate ability to effectively understand my particular style needs and preferences – that I didn’t even know I had – was unnatural. It’s been five years and I still cherish the design in every corner of my house, from the custom furniture, cabinets, and layout to the carpets and paint. I would definitely hire Decoruss again for my upcoming plans.

Anas Ansari


Decoruss interior design testimonials

Decoruss did a wonderful job in helping us design a backyard that we truly enjoy. Their experience and expertise helped us to the core through every stage of the project. We were pleased that our project was completed on time and that too within budget. We couldn’t be more pleased with what we got and would recommend Decoruss to anyone.”

Kareem Beg


Decoruss interior design testimonials

Decoruss has a professional team of highly trained architects. They have full knowledge experience and stoned connections. They are highly proactive. There was never a situation where we had to rush to them for the feedback and reporting, they were always on time. Decoruss created value for us through their impeccable design and cost-saving approach through efficiency.

Amit Trivedi


Decoruss interior design testimonials

With such an incredible outcome of our project, I would certainly recommend Decoruss for the architectural work to everyone out there, as I really enjoyed their way of working, vision, and professionalism.

Akash Sehgal


Decoruss interior design testimonials

Before consulting Decoruss I thought I had a clear idea of what I wanted, but Decoruss’ realizations of all those ideas were really so much better. The flow of our house is far and much improved and, critically, Decoruss has created additional, usable space without any additional extension. Their ideas worth every penny as they deliver satisfaction

Balbir Kaur


Decoruss interior design testimonials

The project involved a complete redesigning and rebuilding of a bungalow into a delight to watch cottage. Their design retained the charm and nature of the original building whilst providing the additional wow factor of large light-filled spaces, ideal for the modern family living. I am frequently complimented regarding the wonderful transformation of the cottage that has undergone, even from strangers. The cost of services and the procedures were made very clear and above all went according to plan. I was always kept up to date, informed and responded to promptly as well as received good professional advice.

Subhash Jain


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Check out our recent blog describing the interior designing work and ideas related to it. We believe in the idea to give full and clear information about the interior design and importance related to it.

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Decoruss has a diversified location status. We cover almost all the major cities in Uttar Pradesh. Our motto is to deliver the best within the most appropriate costing which suits everyone’s pocket. As one of the best interior designer in Lucknow we have completed our 10 successful years with more than 285+ residential and commercial projects completed, and we look forward to more development and success rate.

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Decoruss is a one-stop junction for all the commercial, residential, architectural and interior designing requirements. Complete landscape and interior designing solution provider, for both execution and quality. We a efficiently equipped to manage a wide array of projects.
Jewel Apartment 503 A, 6 Way Lane Jopling Road behind Shalimar Grand Lucknow Uttar Pradesh 226001
9936628880 / 9198606777