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Modular kitchen design ideas suitable for Lucknow premises.

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In the growing trend of modular kitchens, the basic requirement that a kitchen interior designer and decorator should aim. Is to consider the factor is to make sure that the modular kitchen design should be practical and comprehensive. A kitchen interior designer can offer ample customization opportunities.

Moreover, apart from technique and precision the ideology and the reason behind designing any space is more important. The idea behind any design is essential to create a beautiful and luxurious kitchen. These are some of the essential simple tips to get started with your modular kitchen design for small kitchens. 

1.  Work triangle into consideration | Modular kitchen designs in Lucknow

Modular kitchen designs in Lucknow
Modular kitchen designs in Lucknow

The kitchen work triangle is a design that gives a proper guideline that helps to plan efficient workspaces for the kitchen. It constitutes the cooktop, sink, and refrigerator. A significant part of your kitchen planning consists of deciding how to arrange these three items. So that one can easily access the cooking, cleaning, and food storage areas without overcrowding the kitchen area. These are the best types of modular kitchen design ideas as it makes the space more efficient. Interior designer creates the kitchen keeping the user ideology of doing work easy and manageable keeping in mind. 

It is recommended to draw a rough sketch of your kitchen space first. Before deciding the type of layout you want to go for it. A general rule, as mentioned by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, is to let a distance of 4 to 9 feet between each leg of the triangle.

2. Plan your layout |Modular kitchen designs in Lucknow

At the time of designing or finalizing your modular kitchen, there are many modular kitchen design ideas that should be considered or can be shared with your interior designer as a reference in order to make your kitchen better and more functional.

Modern-day kitchens aren’t just only about cooking and cleaning but in fact, the involvement of multifunctional systems has come up with a better version of the kitchen. So, think well and plan your layout spaces according to the activities that will happen there such as dining, conversations, and tea time.

Modular kitchen can be of various types depending upon their plan and layout, these categories will help you choose the best-suited options for your kitchen.

L-shape modular kitchen is one of the most common kitchen layouts, L shape layout is ideal for small homes and it makes maximum use of available floor space.  It gives you maximum storage and lets you easily assimilate a small dining table within your kitchen.

Modular kitchen can be of various types depending upon their plan and layout, these categories will help you choose the best-suited options for your kitchen.

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout

An L-shape modular kitchen could be considered as one of the most common kitchen layouts, L shape layout is ideal for small homes and it makes maximum use of available floor space. 

2. Straight Modular Kitchen Layout design.

Straight Modular Kitchen Layout does not contain a work triangle instead the workflow is a straight line. This type of layout is ideal for studio and loft apartments. Straight modular keep your kitchen space minimum but still maintain optimum efficiency.

3. U-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout design.

This type of Modular Kitchen layout is for a large spacious kitchen with the most effective work triangle. This layout has the most storage space with plenty of upper, lower cabinets, and tall units as well.

4. Parallel Shaped Kitchen layout design.

Parallel-shaped Kitchen is the most-effective layout for cooking, with two long working spaces. The advantage of the parallel shaped kitchen is it can be split in two into the wet and dry workspace.

It provides lots of counter space with storage and allows plenty of space as well. Parallel Shaped kitchen is suitable for most types’ homes and easily adaptable for your need.

3. Know your colour scheme well |Modular kitchen designs in Lucknow

Modular kitchen colour ideas should represent the freshness and high finishing touch to your kitchen space.  The Modular kitchen interior designers are quite well aware of the fact that modular kitchen colour combination should be according to the colour which suits your house. 

Modular kitchen designs in Lucknow
Modular kitchen colour combination in Lucknow

It will be better to say that selection of the colour combination for your kitchen should go with the house and design. You can go with an experiment in which you can try mixing and combining different shades. Designers also have a predefined set of colour combinations that they can offer through the 3d design which they create as a reference so that the decision could be made easier.

4. Kitchen Lighting |Modular kitchen designs in Lucknow

Modular kitchen designs in Lucknow
Modular kitchen lighting designs in Lucknow

While having the brightness and warmth of the natural light in your kitchen is aesthetically pleasing, overhead lighting in the kitchen is important as well.

Make sure that the overhead lighting falls on the countertop where most of the activities are carried out. Modular kitchen design is suitable for all kinds of kitchens. Professional Turnkey interior designers can give you the option of proper and natural light will make your kitchen attractive and bright in fact this will also give greater ventilation. 

We should never forget about the benefits of natural ventilation, via a cracked or open kitchen window. This is a nice way to get some fresh air into the home, which we forget about in an era where central air conditioning is the norm. Another benefit? That same window will also provide lovely natural light.

Working with a professional kitchen design and build team is a smart way to ensure your kitchen’s ventilation system is as adequate as it is aesthetically pleasing. Contact us here at Kitchen Magic to learn more about the ins-and-outs of healthy kitchen ventilation.

5. Safety First |Modular kitchen designs in Lucknow

Modular kitchen designs safety in Lucknow

Modular kitchen interior design ideas should contain high safety in there checklist. When there are proper separate cabins and properly design structure keeping safety at most. So, paying regular attention to gas piping and take necessary steps to prohibit gas leakage from curving countertop edges.

Even the flooring you select must be slip-resistant and allow you to easily clean any spills or breaks. Place your appliances closer to the switchboard, which should be at a fair distance from the basin and the stove.

6. Take care of kitchen trash |Modular kitchen designs in Lucknow

kitchen designs trash in Lucknow

According to your preference, you can either keep all the trash outside the kitchen in a large steel garbage container or ask for built-in bins that are constructed behind the cabinet door. Built-in bins also come with two containers to store dry waste and wet waste separately.


In conclusion, we can say that a modular kitchen is a cost and space-effective way to design your kitchen which will transform your kitchen into a more spacious and organized kitchen.  Moreover, the kitchen interior design cost is also not much. The plans and designs are highly affordable fits in all kinds of pocket. whether small or big.

If all the things mentioned above are kept into consideration while designing a space or kitchen your kitchen will turn out to be a very attractive and multipurpose kitchen.

If you are looking for modular kitchen solutions you can search like modular kitchen near me and you easily find us. Modular kitchen interior design ideas are suitable for types of home whether you are looking for a modular kitchen in a small space or for big hiring an interior designer will be the best option. 















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