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Residential interior design company inj Lucknow
Decoruss residential interior design company in Lucknow

Why we should look for the best residential interior design company? 

  • A residential interior designer is a person who has a good knowledge of the design and makes 2D and 3D  design for your dream home and residential projects, from designing up the initial floor plans to placing the last decorative accent. Designers don’t just enhance the look; they also enhance the function of a room.
  • On the other hand, the residential interior decorator work for the decorating part of the residence. They can help clients decide on a style, choose a colour scheme, purchase furniture, and accessorize..etc.

There are many factors which play an important role in making a complete and beautiful residential space and they are:

  • Knowlege of colour combination and Choice
  • Knowledge of Texture and theme
  • Choosing the right Material 
  • Knowledge of space management.
  • Selection of correct type of furniture for  space
  • Understanding the lighting part too.

A good residential interior designer provided a complete solution for your home, villa, bungalow, flat and residential apartments that too at very affordable price. For any residential interior designer in Lucknow, it is highly essential that they must keep the above factors into consideration before designing.

For better understanding, we have explained all the above factors about the residential interior design company in Lucknow.

1.Knowlege of colour combination and Choice

For a top Residential interior designer in Lucknow knowledge of correct choice of colour is highly essential. We are well aware of this fact that colour plays a very important role in adding an atmosphere to any space. The implementation of correct and attractive colour not only affects the living but it all influence the feeling and mood of any person living in. Residential interior designer not only affects your ideas but also plays an important in taking decision also.

2.Knowledge of Texture and theme

If any interior design company claims to be the best residential interior designer in Lucknow they must be aware of this fact that the texture given to any space gives a lot of difference in overall look to any space. Interior designers have this very clear with them that for every space different kind of texture is used. For big budgets, luxury texture are used were as for small budgets simple and decent texture is used for providing simplicity in the space.

3.Choosing the right Material 

The Residential interior design service provider in Lucknow should be well aware of this fact that material that is used for any project should be of top quality, with high durability. The material which is of very good quality is highly prefered. For a good interior design company in UP developing trust and loyalty is must as it not only affect the brand but also create a very good effect over the new clients as well.

4.Knowledge of space management.

Whether for a home interior decorator or residential interior designer knowledge over space management is a must. The designer should be well aware of this fact that they must provide the most feasible and highly functional space plan. The for-most reason for hiring a residential interior designer in Lucknow is to manage space. And to get practical and beautify looking design space. In a home, there are many things that have to consider before designing any space like what type of Modular kitchen will be feasible and functional. What size and kind of tables and sofa will work for your living spaces, The type and size of dining table and What kind of bed will work for your bedrooms ..etc.

5. Selection of the correct type of furniture for your space.

Customized furniture is a thing which makes any space complete and comfortable. It is very clear that not all kind of furniture can be use for every space. Hence, If the furniture is according to space and size it automatically enhances the look of the room. Moreover, the quality of furniture also plays an important role in the durability and attractiveness of the space. If the furniture is customize properly according to space. Then not only space gets managed but the overall looks get more improvise.

6.Understanding the lighting of the space.

It is very important to understand that giving proper lighting is a very essential and crucial thing. Which a Residential interior designer has to deal with. In the absence of proper light, not only the whole look of the space get an opportunity to display its effect. Moreover, it gives a very low and deemed view of the space. You can use very high-quality material and expensive furniture. But it all depends upon the correct lighting which adds effect to space.

residentail interior design in Lucknow
Decoruss residential interior design project in Lucknow


Decoruss is one of the best home and residential interior designer in Lucknow. Who provide all the elements mentioned above with the best quality and very high service delivery. As we have a whole 10 years of experience dealing in the field of interior and exterior designing. But we have not limited our self only to the residential part.  But in fact, we have expanded our self and made our self capable of delivering other services to like:

Commercial interior design services in Lucknow.Interior design consultancy, 2D interior and exterior design. 3D interior and exterior design, Exterior and Front elevation designing. Building and house construction, And Modular kitchen dealer and manufacture. We believe in giving 100% satisfaction through our work with very good finishing and service.

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From the above blog related to a top residential home interior design company in Lucknow, we have come to a conclusion that before hiring any residential interior design firm in Lucknow you must check the above factors for better understanding of our work. Decoruss is one of the best residential interior design company in Lucknow possess all the above qualities through which we design and decorate your dream homes within your budget and time.


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