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What is the area of specialization of interior designer near me in Lucknow blog by Decoruss?

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Interior designer near me in Lucknow
Decoruss interior design and service in Lucknow

The interior designing is a combination of art and science. Any kind of space can be designed and manage in a way that gives maximum functionality. A space is attractive if it is properly balanced with elements like Theme, colour, texture, lighting and furniture. The importance of correct colour, proper lighting, usage of correct texture and suitable furniture plays a very vital role in any space. Whether it is a Residential or Commercial space the requirement and usage of a correct element are highly essential. Moreover, if you search for an interior designer near me in Lucknow you can get lots of option to choose. But the question arises whether they can fulfil all the requirement and services demand for a good interior design company in Lucknow.

Before hiring an Interior designer in Lucknow:

There are lots of questions which are actually a concern to the client. These question can be related to services offered by an interior designer in Lucknow. Or it can be related to the cost and other services which are provided by them. In our opinion, the best Profession interior design company you can find in Lucknow is. Who has not restricted itself delivering only one kind of service and look for the overall solutions for the client?

There are massive searches for interior designer near me in Lucknow, so from this, we can interpret that the requirement for a good interior designer in Lucknow is gradually increasing day by day. Hence with the increasing standards of professionalism and creativity for an interior design firm in Lucknow, the competition is very high. There is not only one factor to determine who will be the best interior design company for home and offices in Lucknow.

Interior design Consultancy services in Lucknow:

Consulting service is a prominent way to understand and clear out all queries and dought. It is beneficial for interior designer as well as for the client. What usually happens when there is no proper communication between the designing firm and client then possibilities of error, mistakes and misunderstanding occur. Which not only affect the work but also affect the relationship between the interior designer and client. Hence interior design consultancy service in Lucknow is the most feasible and helpful way for reduction of any kind of issues. 

Wooden interior design stairs in Lucknow
Decoruss wooden stairs interior design in Lucknow

Some of the Frequently Asked Question related to Interior designer near me in Lucknow.

1.What is the Area of specialization of interior designer near me in Lucknow?

The area of specialization required for an interior designer near me in Lucknow. As Interior designer broadly classified into two-part, Residential and commercial interior designing. Residential interior designers design for the homes, Villas, Bungalow, Flats and apartments. Whereas Commercial interior designer designs for the offices, Showrooms, Retail Shops, complex, Industries..etc. This classification of design type help in selecting the interior designer according to your project and need.

2.What are the many service offer by an interior designer in Lucknow?

The services offered by an interior design company in Lucknow should be highly extensive as per the requirements. The company should not constrain itself only up to basic services in fact, it should adapt the possibility of expansion. Apart from basic services for a client, the choice of selection should be advancing. By giving them 2D and 3D design, Option of renovation, Consultancy, Customized furniture option and so on. This gives a reflection of a good interior designer in Lucknow whom client want to hire.

Interior design company near me
Decoruss interior designer near me in Lucknow
3.What is the cost of interior design services in Lucknow?

The cost is one of the most important factors for any work. There are basically two factors which are considered for the costing of any project. The first one is fixed and another one is a variable.

The fixed factors are:

  • Size and Type of the project
  • The number of items to be furnished with the quality of the material used.
  • Type of finish — Laminates are cheap, veneer, acrylic costlier.
  • Kind of accessories used. Sliding wardrobes, etc can increase the cost.
  • Lighting — LCD Panel and lighting in False Ceiling.
The variable factor for the cost of an interior design project
  1. Per-sqft- Charges for only design: Based on the area of the home, the cost of interior design charges are finalized i.e. around ₹25/- per sqft and this can go up to ₹60 as well as if you’re looking for the design alone.
  2. Per-sqft- Charges with design and Execution: However, inclusive of furniture and decoration, like Modular kitchens, Sofa sets, Centre table, LCD panel, Dining table with chairs, Crockery cabinets, Customized Modular Beds, Designer Wardrobes, Dressing tables, Lighting and False ceiling, painting,..etc this price can shoot up to ₹800–1500 depending upon what all services are taken.
  3. Percentage of overall cost: Generally when interior design company calculates the overall price of the project inclusive of products and services. Based on the total cost, they usually charge around 8%-10% over the project as a design fee with resources and time invested. This can shoot up to 20% based on the level of design and expertise involved but it will not exceed more than this because there are many interior design companies present in Lucknow so the possibility of increasing charges will not exceed more than 20% because of the competition.

Hence for details, you must check our article:

What is the cost of hiring an interior design company in Lucknow?

4.Will interior designer provide consultation services?

Yes, an interior designer can provide Consultation services. An interior design consultation is a service where a two-way communication process is possible.  Through which the designer and client can discuss all the matter in order to prevent any kind of misunderstanding.

Decoruss gives three types of consultation service:
  • For reference: Just for reference and understanding, where the structure will be, defining the space.
  • Consultation for 2D/3D design: If the client is only looking for 2D and 3D design, in that case, we charge around 45per-sqft.
  • For execution: If the client decides for the execution of the plan and design created by us we don’t charge separately for the design and consultation.
5.Will interior designer provide different design option to choose from?

Yes, Interior designer provides different option to choose from according to the need and requirement of the client.  When you visit us we offer you different option and textures for the reference and understanding. It is highly important for an interior designer to offer multiple options in design for selection.

6.What is 2D & 3D design?

2D design and 3D design are the two most advanced way to pre-define the design of futuristic view of any residential and commercial project. The 2D is also known as Auto Cad which represent space planning. And 3D design represents the realistic image of the project.

7.What are the Charges for 2D & 3D design in Lucknow?

Charges of 3D interior design are around 45/-rs per square feet and 30/-rs per square feet is the charge of 2D interior design. But if the requirement is for any single portion, we charge 5000/- per room. We even provide the option of changes in 3D until our client doesn’t get satisfied with the design and its views.

8. What are the charges for the Exterior front elevation design for my home in Lucknow?

The charges for the Exterior modern house front elevation design in Lucknow is depended upon the size and the design of the house. The design for the exterior staircase elevation design can be designed by us even we also provide services related to the house exterior elevation designs, Moreover, the exterior wall elevation design can also be created by us using 3D design first and if approved we go further for the execution.

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