3D PVC wall panel dealer, manufacturer & 3d PVC panel seller in Lucknow UP India

3D Pvc wall panel dealer, manufacturer & 3d PVC panel seller in Lucknow Up India

3D PVC wall panel designs are highly trending nowadays in Lucknow for covering and decorating walls or ceilings and
protecting them. Let’s firstly understand What panelling is exactly so that we can easily
relate it to 3D PVC wall panelling designs and 3d PVC panel dealers and Manufacturers in Lucknow.

Panelling is millwork manufactured covering from rigid or semi-rigid components.
Traditionally these wall panels are wooden but could be of plastic or other materials.
Hence, the 3d PVC panels are a very popular wall decor material that is highly preferred by many interior designers, 3d PVC wall panel dealers and 3d PVC wall panels sellers/service providers in Lucknow nowadays.

Decoruss residential and commercial interior design company has emerged as one of Lucknow’s leading 3d PVC wall panel manufacturers, dealers, exporters, and suppliers of high-quality 3d PVC wall panels for your home and office. We are selling 3d PVC wall panels to some of the major districts of Uttar Pradesh like Lucknow, Faizabad, Kanpur etc. 

Now let’s talk about 3D PVC wall panels, these just bring life to your walls and give a three-
dimensional effect and depth to enhance the look of the wall.

Many 3D PVC wall panels dealers, 3D PVC panel sellers and manufacturers in Lucknow UP India,  are providing these beautiful classic decorative sheets covering for enhancing the beauty of interior space. They have a
variety of 3D PVC wall panel designs for homes and offices, which vary in colour, size, length, and texture.


i. 100% waterproof
ii. 100% termite proof
iii. Fire retardant
iv. Ultra Violet resistant and is suitable for both, interior and exterior
v. 100% environment friendly
vi. Easy installation

Reasons why you should have 3d PVC wall panels for your home and office wall.

PVC material has gained popularity and is used as a wall cladding material and false ceiling too.

They are versatile and can be used as an alternative in place of mineral fibre
materials like gypsum and POP.  PVC panels can be used as a covering in the bathroom and
hence, remove tiles in the bathroom.  The latest 3D PVC wall pane designs are aesthetic and over at
the same time. They can also be used as a decorative and classic covering in place of
wallpaper in the house.
So, if you are looking for any best and convenient material in place of these materials, then
find out whether PVC wall and ceiling panel are the right way to go. Hence, many 3D walls
ceiling panel dealers in Lucknow have come up forward with these PVC sheets covering, for
catering to their clients.

Now, let us emphasize on benefits of PVC wall panels that why we should have PVC wall
and ceiling panels.

  • i. PVC wall panels are available in multiple options like variations in colour, pattern, and
  • ii. These panels are also available in 3-D sheets that give decorative look to the walls.
    iii. These PVC wall panels are available in small and big sizes both that gives a seamless
    look to the overall design of the wall.
  • iv. PVC panels are lightweight and highly durable factory manufactured material.
  • v. Easy to transport, handle and install.
  • vi. PVC panels last for years without tearing, bending, and wrapping.
  • vii. PVC wall and ceiling panels are made up of waterproof materials which make these
    panels highly resistant to water or dampness.
  • viii. These PVC panels are fixed together with an interlocking system that prevents the
    entry of water.
  • ix. PVC wall panels are resistant to dampness and do not support mould or mildew
  • x. PVC panels are easy to clean and involve less maintenance.
  • xi. The polyurethane layer of these panels gives a smooth and plain surface so that dirt
    does not accumulate on these sheets.
  • xii. PVC panels are highly resistant to fading due to sunlight because of the presence of
    non-yellowing agents in chemical composition such as titanium dioxide.
  • xiii. The best part of PVC panels is that once it's installed, they are ready to use and do
    not require to be finished with paint or varnish.
  • xiv. 3D PVC wall panel designs give your wall an aesthetic look.

Why PVC wall panels are better than Wall tiles? 

Earlier we discussed reasons why we should have PVC wall panels. Now, we will have a look
at why these PVC panels have stolen the limelight from tiles in the market.

  1. PVC wall panels cost you less than tiles: Wall tiles and other forms of wall
    cladding are costly. But, on the other hand, if you look at the cost per square foot of
    installing PVC wall cladding, it is completely pocket-friendly. PVC wall panels are not
    only cost-effective but quality products too at the same time. So, this is not your
    cheapest option but is a smart choice.
  2. Wall panels withstand the test of time, whereas tiles don't serve this benefit:
    PVC wall panels are durable and versatile products. They are made up of PVC that's
    why are waterproof and resistant to dampness and require less maintenance. PVC
    panels don't get easily damaged. On another hand, if we talk about tiles, they are
    not that durable as they get damaged easily if not taken care of.
  3. PVC wall panels are healthier solutions: Nowadays, in-market new variations have come that are the modification of PVC. it's a UPVC solution that does not contain Phthalates and BPA. This means that the harmful aspect associated with conventional plastic is eliminated. More importantly, your family, pets are not at risk. UPVC is 100% recyclable. It can be recycled up to 10 times without the quality or performance deteriorating. It is environmentally friendly plus a healthier solution for your home.
  4. PVC wall panels are decorators' dreams as 3-D panels have entered the market: 3-D PVC wall panels are interior designers' and clients' both preferences in present time. It adds depth and 3 dimensional and textured look to the interior space. this adds to the aesthetic beauty of the interior space. There are a variety of options in design ideas of 3-D PVC wall panels, so here is the benefit of choosing the most classic and sober design for your space. 3-D PVC wall panel designs are soberer than tile.


Q-1 Are 3-D wall panels good for home?
Yes, 3-D wall panels are best for home because these panels are durable and light-
weighted. When these are used for interior decoration of home or any commercial space, it
makes walls strong, sturdy besides improvising the beauty of walls. PVC wall panels are
waterproof. hence, it's water-resistant and prevents the problem of dampness, moisture,
and leakage of water. 3-D PVC wall panels designs add depth to your wall that's a bonus
benefit of installing them.
Q-2 What is the 3D PVC wall panels price in India?

The starting range of PVC wall panels is 225 per sqft.

Q-3 How to install 3-D PVC wall panels on walls for decoration?
Here we will discuss steps that how 3-D PVC wall panels are installed:
i. Firstly, paint the wall
ii. Plan the layout of the panels on the wall.
iii. Using a level you may draw the panels on the wall before installing 3-D panels.
iv. Use good quality adhesive for walls and panels.

v. Firstly, install the full panels, do all the cutting at the end.
vi. Then apply primer on panels.
vii. Use the sandable drywall compound to fill the gaps between panels and sand them
viii. Apply a coat of primer over joints and paint on panels.
Q-4 Can we use PVC wall panels in the false ceiling?
Of course, yes, PVC wall panels are factory-manufactured lightweight, and strong, and give
a seamless finish to the ceiling or wall. It can be built in any design, colour size, and length.
Each PVC panel is a hollow core with a shiny surface. It withstands heat; hence it is heat
resistant too. PVC panels are the most preferred product when it comes to false ceilings. 3-
D PVC wall panel designs are available in a variety in the market from where you can
choose designs for the false ceiling of your house.

Q-5 Which paint is best for decorative 3D PVC wall panels?
If you want to add colour to PVC wall panels but want to save money at the same time,
acrylic latex paint is the best choice then. It is primer made for plastic. It gives superior
coating durability and flexibility.


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