Top modular kitchen dealer in lucknow

Top modular kitchen dealers in Lucknow

Since, in this modern era, the taste and passion of people in Lucknow is changing rapidly. So, now they desire a better space-utilizing design and elegant look for their kitchen.So That they can match their modern lifestyle. As a result, Modular Kitchens are getting more preference over Traditional kitchens. Nowadays, many modular kitchen dealers are available in Lucknow U.P. ( Who are providing customized Modular kitchens designs and modular kitchen services). According to their client’s requirement and budget. For instance, “Decoruss” Hazaratganj Lucknow.

Top modular dealer in lucknow

Though, at present. There are many modular kitchens manufacturers, Modular Kitchen Dealers, and Modular kitchen service provider companies in Lucknow city. But what makes Decoruss” different and one of the best modular kitchen service providers and modular kitchen dealers in Lucknow. Is our premium quality Modular kitchen execution work. Along with this, we also provide complete interior and exterior design solutions. Like 2D designs, 3D designs, custom furniture, False ceiling, Wall painting, etc., at affordable rates with high-quality material.

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Modular kitchen dealers, manufacturers in lucknow

Why choose Decoruss for modular kitchen design & execution work in Lucknow?

The Decoruss is one of the top modular kitchen dealers, Modular Kitchen manufacturers, and Modular kitchen service provider companies in Lucknow UP. Since our specialized interior design team is fully competent. To design a very efficient and modern modular kitchen layout. This is possible, because we use factory-based modules. That can be designed. And set up in multiple ways to suit your requirements and taste. So those days have gone, when people usually set up their traditional Kitchen ineffectively. However, modular kitchen have become a popular choice among Indian homeowners.  Since, they are designed with smart capabilities.

Note:- As We are one of the best modular kitchen service providers and dealers. Not only in Lucknow. But also in nearby areas like Hardoi, Kanpur, Sitapur, Barabanki, etc. Since, we generally provide services for both commercial and residential spaces. At reasonable prices. So that we can give you enough value for money. Moreover, we cater to the needs and wants of our clients uniquely. 

Grey and White Modular Kitchen Design

Here are some crucial elements that make us different from other interior designers & Decorators in Lucknow:-

Firstly, Our professional 3d interior design team can design. A layout of classy, sleek, and creative designs. According to the client’s need.

Secondly, We are competent to design a 2D Autocad and 3D Interior design layout .For your modular Kitchen. Besides this, our professional modular kitchen designer team. Uses a simple, sober, and trendy color scheme to decorate your Kitchen. Along with this, We always use premium quality materials for making custom modular kitchens. Since these kitchens designed by us. Are built with high-quality materials and finishes. To make them long-lasting and easy to maintain. Consequently, all your modular kitchen designing and decoration needs. Can be handled under one roof, “Decoruss,” with the best quality and best designs. Our team is devoted to customer satisfaction.

 To ensure, the best 3d design layout we design a 3D model that offers detailed insight.


  • The 3D model of the modular kitchen. Will simplify the design process and give the customer a better idea of what to expect from the designers. So at Decoruss interior Design and modular kitchen dealers company.  We provide a 3D view for modular kitchen designing to our clients. In addition, we offer customized 3D models for modular kitchens. That are modern, compact, and classy.

Using 3D models for modular kitchen design: – We now want to discuss the potential applications of 3D models. In order to make it clear. Why they are used by modular kitchen dealers, manufacturers, and service providers. How can our team overlook. This vital factor as the best modular kitchen manufacturers, service providers, and dealers in Lko UP?  So,we use trendy and creative 3D models for preparing the kitchen 3D layouts. So let us look at the potential uses of the 3d model.

3D modeling speeds up the design process. Along with this it enables designers and dealers to play around with different ideas:-

  1. It helps in identifying potential design problems. Before they become actual issues. 3D modeling in construction. By putting all pieces together. Provides a realistic view of the finished project.
  2. 3D models provide depth and detailed representation.
  3. The 3D models are very cost-effective. Because revisions can be made less frequently, thereby saving time and money.

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Why 3D Interior Design Rendering and Visualization Service is Important?

Kitchen design

Types of Modular Kitchen for your dream home in Lucknow

As a new house-owner in Lucknow city. One should ensure that the first thing his home interior plan needs. Is a simple and sober modular kitchen. So, Modular kitchens are considered the most practical and stylish solutions. For your home interior. Besides this, there are various types of colors, textures, and finishes available in the market. To match everyone’s preferences in Lko for a Modular kitchen.

Godrej modular kitchens

Godrej kitchens are built with galvanized steel. These are solid and durable. Since, it is resistant to water and oil. It is straightforward to keep it clean. However, Godrej modular kitchen’s cost. Will be higher than lamination and PVC kitchens. Furthermore,the material used in Godrej’s Kitchen is very strong and durable. But It’s a bit tough to install. However, it is the best in quality and offers a 10-15 years warranty.

Acrylic Modular Kitchens:

If you are looking for the best modular kitchen dealer in Lucknow. Then, you must have come across an acrylic finish. Acrylic plastic refers. To a family of synthetic or man-made plastic materials. Which contains one or more derivatives of acrylic acid. Acrylic plastics are usually available in three forms. Which are given  below.

(i) Flat sheets

(ii) Elongated shapes (rods and tubes)

(iii)Molding powder. 

Since, Acrylic sheets are formed. By a process known as bulk polymerization. Acrylic sheets can be pasted on MDF ( Medium Density Fiberboard ) HDF in a modular kitchen (High-Density fiberboard ) or HDHMR (High-Density High Moisture Resistant boards ). Along with this, they can also be pasted on plyboards. Besides this, Acrylic is a non-toxic, reflective high gloss. And can give your modular kitchen a shiny look. Acrylic sheets are more costly than PVC Sheets. But are very strong and more durable than PVC. That’s why, they require less maintenance.

PVC modular kitchen: 

Polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ) material. Is a sheet made of plastic composite. PVC foam boards are safe for kitchen cabinets. As they are not toxic and anti-chemical corrosion-resistant material.  As modular kitchens have gained high demand in modern times, PVC has gained much popularity as a cabinets material. These PVC boards for the Kitchen  are of two types: 

  • PVC hollow boards
  • Foam PVC boards. 

 According to their name. PVC hollow boards are hollow from the inside. On the other hand, PVC foam boards are sturdier than PVC hollow boards. But, PVC Hollow boards can sag too quickly. And have low thermal resistance due to a lack of strength, unlike PVC foam boards. 

Note:- PVC boards are affordable in comparison to other boards. Along with this, they are easy to install and require less maintenance.

FAQ’S Regarding Modular Kitchen:-

Since people in Lucknow, need a good modular kitchen in their house. Generally have many questions in their mind regarding modular kitchens. Now we will discuss some frequently asked questions in the context of modular kitchen in Lucknow

Q1- What are the different types of modular kitchens in Lucknow?

Answer:- There are five most common modular kitchen design layouts.  These modular Kitchen layouts can be specially designed by Modular kitchen dealers, Service providers, and Manufacturers in Lucknow. To effectively use the space and add aesthetic appeal to your Kitchen. So, let’s have a look at them:

  • Straight Modular Kitchen
  •  Parallel modular kitchen
  •  G-shaped modular Kitchen
  •  L-shapes modular Kitchen
  • U -Shape Modular Kitchen

Q2- What are the accessories that modular kitchen manufacturers and dealers in Lucknow use when making modular kitchens?

Answer:- Many modular kitchen manufacturers and dealers in Lucknow. Mostly, use these eight accessories. For the installation of modular kitchens service. Since any modular kitchen is incomplete. without these accessories. So yes, you can say these accessories are a must-have for your modular kitchen installation.

  1. Drawer systems
  2.  Tall units
  3.  Pullouts
  4.  Cutlery trays
  5.  Corner solutions
  6.  Wicker basket
  7.  Under-sink units
  8.  Midway system

Q3- What are the materials used for making a modular kitchen?

Answer:- Materials provide structural support. To the different modules in modular kitchen design. At the same time, finishes provide the final finish to the materials, making them smooth. So finishes give kitchen cabinets an appealing look. Along with this, they protect the materials from extreme temperature and any other damage. So let us have a look at everyday materials used for the installation of a modular kitchen:

Modular Kitchen Base Materials-

  •  Medium-Density Fiberboards (MDF)
  •   High-Density Fiberboards (HDF)
  •  High-Density High Moisture Resistant Board (HDHMR)
  •  Commercial plywood
  • Boiling waterproof (BWP)  Laminates

Kitchen Finishing Materials-

  • Laminates
  • PVC Laminates
  • Deco / PU Polish
  • Lacquer
  • Acrylic etc.

Hardware in Modular Kitchen-

  • Hinges
  • Channels
  • Handles
  • Pullouts etc

Q4- Which colors are best for modular kitchens?

Answer:- Whenever you think of designing a kitchen. You generally visualize a pleasant environment with a modern touch. However, the pleasant feeling is not just due to the food being cooked in the Kitchen. but also the surrounding. So to ensure a mood-refreshing kitchen. You can select  your desired color combination out of these latest, soothing modular kitchen color combinations for your home:

  1. Blue and white combination
  2.   A mixture of grey, green and red
  3.  Pink, grey, and green
  4.  Blue, gold, and copper
  5.  Brown and Maroon
  6.  Lime green, peach, and lavender
  7.  Black and orange
  8.  Natural wood with green
  9.  Yellow, white with shades of grey
  10.  Blue and orange
  11.  Pastel teal and blush pink

Q5- How modular kitchen is different from a semi-modular kitchen?

Answer:- The terms modular kitchen and semi-modular Kitchen Kitchen may sound relatively new to many of you. In India, the term “modular kitchen” or semi-modular kitchen is used for all types of modern kitchens. Though, there are many differences between these two. So now we will have a quick look at the difference between a modular kitchen and a semi-modular kitchen:

:Here are the key differences between modular and semi-modular kitchens:-

The modular kitchen can be dismantled and put together where and when you wish. So,no civil work is required. Besides this, Design flexibility is high in the case of modular kitchens. Since, It is entirely movable. So Installation will be easy. Along with this cleaning, and maintenance is easy. Besides this, it offers easy and ample customization opportunities. As a result, a modular kitchen is more sophisticated and elegant than a semi-modular kitchen.

Semi-modular Kitchen:- A semi-modular kitchen is built around an existing civil structure. Civil work is involved. It is immovable. So design flexibility is low, in the case of the semi-modular Kitchen. Installation is comparatively tricky. Cleaning and maintenance are slightly tough. It’s hard to customize. It is not as sophisticated as a modular kitchen.

Q6- What are the advantages of installing a modular kitchen?

Answer:- A modern kitchen not only adds a modern touch to your house. But at the same time also have many advantages in comparison to the traditional or semi-modular kitchens.

 Let’s have a look at the benefits of installing a modular kitchen:-

  • A modular Kitchen saves more space in your Kitchen than your regularly designed traditional Kitchen.
  •  It has sleek, easy to clean, and comes with a trendy design, which gives a minimalistic yet elegant look to your kitchen.
  •  The convenience of working, since you have well-compartmentalized storage space and designed space for washing, cooking, and electrical appliances. So working in the modular Kitchen for hours will become comfortable for you. The prefabricated cabinets enable modular kitchens to be built quickly and easily.
  •  A modular Kitchen requires fewer efforts for cleaning and maintenance.
Q7- Do modular kitchen manufacturers or dealers offer a warranty on modular kitchens?

Answer:- Yes it depends upon which company you are going to choose and it also depends totally upon the material used in Modular Kitchen and the terms and conditions of the company also matter a lot. 

Kitchen type warranty for Godrej Kitchen, Acrylic Kitchen, etc.

  •  Godrej Kitchen 10-15 years
  • Acrylic Kitchen 10-13 years
  •  PVC Kitchen 8-10 years
  • Lamination Kitchen 5-8 years

Q8- What is the minimum cost for installing a modular kitchen in Lucknow?

Answer:- The best modular kitchen service providers in Lucknow usually cost A straight-line modular kitchen model, anything between Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 1,37,199 or above depending upon square feet area. Modular kitchen accessories and time-span in the installation of modular kitchen dealers.

Kitchen Type Min Price Max Price:-

  1.  Godrej Kitchen 1800/square feet 2700/square feet
  2.  PVC Kitchen 1650/square feet 2500/square feet
  3.  Acrylic Kitchen 2200/square feet 4500/square feet
Q9- How long can it take to install a modular kitchen?

Answer:- The modular kitchen installation and set-up process usually take 3 days to one week maximum of two weeks. It depends on what materials are used, the area, and the methodology.


After reviewing the various elements explained in this article, one can quickly conclude that the popularity of Modular kitchens is rapidly growing day by day in Lucknow. Many residents of Lucknow want to convert their traditional or semi-modular kitchens into modular kitchens. Since there are many modular kitchen dealers in Lucknow. So, suppose you want to convert your traditional kitchen into a modular kitchen. In that case, you can choose an excellent modular kitchen dealer in Lucknow. By consulting your friends and relatives living in various localities in Lucknow. On the other hand, you can also go online to search for a good modular kitchen dealer from the top modular kitchen dealers in Lucknow.



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