Best wall décor ideas & service provider in Lucknow

Best wall décor ideas & wall decor service provider in Lucknow

Best wall decor ideas and service provider in lucknow

Decoruss team provides the best and pocket-friendly wall décor ideas and home interior design service in Lucknow and nearby areas like Sitapur, Barabanki, Kanpur, Sultanpur, Faizabad, Raebareli etc. Before diving deep into this let’s first know what is wall decoration? Here is the answer-wall decor means decorating walls to beautify your home. It not only decorates the space but also enhances the touch, feel, and look of the room.

Many decor ideas may be used to decorate a home, office, workshop, or other areas where a makeover is needed. Decoruss interior design service provider company has very unique and innovative makeover ideas for wall décor in your interior space. Decoruss is a very reputed brand in the area of the home and office interior designing or decoration services. We provide many services like consultation services renovation services, interior and exterior design services, and so on Now we will discuss wall décor ideas, which will not only beautify your house or office but will also completely change the look of your space:

Best colour scheme  wall decor ideas for your interior space

Best colour scheme  wall decor ideas for your interior space

Decoruss interior design firm  is one of the best wall décor service providers in Lucknow because we have not only given satisfaction to our clients regarding interior designing services but also provided the freedom of
choice, variety, services after designing at a reasonable price.

The Decoruss team has created very eye-catching and sober colour palettes for wall decor ideas
that will completely change the look of your interior space. We use the best colour scheme ideas
for wall decoration in a very innovative way to create magic in your dream house, here let’s
have a look at some important points regarding a colour scheme for wall decor :

  • Pick a colour, any colour of your choice: Choosing a dominating colour is very important
    for deciding what colour palette you should use for wall décor. Our palette perfecting
    scheme explains the colour rule that our designers follow and make it a snap to put them
    to work in your home. We pick any colour of your choice and create a colour palette based
    on that.
  •  Choose a colour scheme from the largest perspective: If you have got patterned
    upholstery, a colourful rug, or an antique piece of art, you can pluck colours you like from
    the pattern to create magic and explore new wall decor ideas.
  • Decorate vertically from dark to light:  According to designer Mark McCauley, a real cookbook way to make any space looks good without any risk is to use darker colour values for the floor of your interior space, medium colour values for the walls of your interior space, and light values for the ceiling of your interior space.
  •  Start with formal areas: Firstly, choose a colour for the living room, dining room and
    entryway. Then move to kitchen or bedroom areas.
  •  Use the colour wheel: In general, the use of the colour wheel plays an important role. In
    analogous colour schemes, where colours next to each other on the colour wheel, such as
    blue and green are more casual and relaxing and work best in formal and informal
    space. This is a good strategy for a bedroom, where you want to rest recover, or
  •  Go with greys: Greys are highly trending nowadays, to work in any style for any interior designer, grey is the most preferable neutral colour. This colour is like chameleon and pairs beautifully with both warm and cool colours. Either you combine them with pastels or kicky colours like hot pink, Kelly green, or citrus shades, grey combines well with both.
  • Use earthy colours: Earthy colours add a natural and refreshing feel to the interior space
    and also are very soothing and calm colours. Using these colours can make you feel
    connected to nature.
  •  Use the rule of 60-30-10: When decorating a space, divide the colours into components
    of 60% of a dominating colour, 30% of secondary colour, and 10% of an accent colour
    (accessories). This ratio ensures that the colours are balanced and are enough to pop
  •  Make small places pop: If you have a small room in your house, don’t paint it white to
    make it seem bigger. Instead, give it more oomph with a look-at-me pop colour.
  • Rely on timeless pairing for the walls: Always chic, black and white is one dynamic
    duo that never goes out of style. This two-colour can create a compelling story when
    added with gold or silver metallics.
  •  Rock with monochromatic colours: Monochromatic colours are always in trend, this
    colour scheme includes tones and shades of the dominating colour so we can use pastels
    and vibrant shade, both for wall decal.

Textured Treatment

Wall Textured Treatment by decoruss

Textured-style walls are a very popular wall decor idea in 2021. These wall treatments exude a
natural, earthy warmth that celebrates imperfection and beatifies the interior space at the
same time. Introducing texture to any space has the benefit of bringing in-depth and
dimension. Dressing your wall up in natural materials like marble or wood– or even paints on the wall
covering plaster with perceived texture effects will instantly liven up a room that’s falling flat
without taking up surface space. Decoruss has come up with many creative ideas for textured
treatments for the walls of your interior space.

some ideas regarding textured treatment:

  1. When in doubt just opt for optical illusion texture. This includes the illusion of
    geometric shapes either asymmetrically or symmetrically.
  2.  Use a flat plaster paddle in place of a roller will give your wall some three-dimensional
  3. You can opt for lacquered paint, as it gives your room a glossy feel and also room feels
  4. Decorating a wall with faux animal skin can be a great hit idea for wall décor. This brings
    a rich textured and sultry punch to a classic space.
  5. Natural textured tiles too can add aesthetical beauty to walls.
  6.  A large marble on the wall makes a statement. It adds aesthetic texture that still exudes
    a formal and sophisticated look.
  7.  Use multiple layers. You can experiment with wooden panels with tiles, this will give
    three-dimensional look.
  8. You can choose a rustic wooden texture it will give a natural and soothing effect to the
    wall of your room.

Stencilled style

You can customize your DIY wall décor with your favourite paint colours and wall stencils patterns.
Wall stencils for painting are effective and affordable wall decor ideas for your walls. This adds
the benefit of customization as you can choose what colour and pattern you want. Damask wall
stencils, Moroccan bohemian stencils, and modern wall stencils are highly trending nowadays,
hence using this can be a great idea for your walls.

Here we will get to know some cool ideas for stencil wall décor:

  • Modern wall stencil and geometric stencils are safe for walls as it only uses wall paint
    and. These are more affordable and contemporary wall decals.
  • Floral all-over stencils add an aesthetic look to your interior space.
  • Botanical prints are never out of date and give a natural touch to walls, so the
    atmosphere becomes refreshing.
  • Brick wall stencil adds a great textured look to the wall.

Sculptures on wall and wall artwork

Wall sculptures are an exceptionally distinctive kind of wall art, which adds a 3-D look to your
bare walls. The contemporary wall sculpture is a development of the modern era of art. Wall
sculptures are made up of many diverse materials like- stone, ceramic, metal bronze casting,
steel, and wood, so you have a wide range of choices too. It adds considerable beauty and
interest to the interior space.

If we talk about wall paintings, a big advantage of hanging paintings on the wall is that it keeps
moisture out. It repels dirt, dust, and allergens from your walls. In this way, it beautifies your
room too. Wall art should take 50%-60% of the available space not covered by furniture,
cabinets, or mouldings.

Decoruss have many creative ideas for decorating your wall with sculptures or wall artwork,
here we will discuss some different ideas about wall artwork for wall makeover:

  1. Contemporary wall art: Contemporary wall art is a dynamic combination of materials,
    methods, concepts, and subjects that challenge traditional boundaries and defy easy
    definition. Diverse and eclectic contemporary art is distinguished by lack of uniformity
    organizing principle, ideology. Hence, this wall art can add a touch of elegance and
    modernity to your living room or bedroom.
  2.  Botanical murals: Botanical murals in unexpected colour palettes and larger-scale prints
    offer a modern spin on a classic design. Botanical murals include bright floral painting,
    bold graphics branches, tropical leaf patterns, and much more. Whether you choose to
    use it as a feature wall or cover the entire room, botanical wallpaper murals are a classic
    choice that will transform your interior space.
  3. Vintage wall covering: Opting for a vintage-inspired wall covering is a great way of
    adding a classic feel to your home and giving it a fun retro uplift. Create a classic space with a vintage wall covering any room of your home. Vintage wall coverings are meant to feel nostalgic, show off ornate, and beautiful details, and bringing different colour palettes to your space. Vintage wall covering gives aesthetic look, so it’s sober and classy both at the same time.

Minimalistic shelves

Minimalistic shelves on the walls of your room can change the whole look of your room. You
yourselves can go for shopping home décor, as it’s one of the greatest pleasures in life, but you
won’t find shopping for shelving much exciting, Decoruss is here to change your mind. We have
curated some of the most unique and stylish wall shelving ideas, to help you find the perfect
shelves for your own home.

  • Asymmetrical organization: Asymmetrical modern wall shelves are the perfect storage
    solution for your bedroom or living room. Whether you want to store books, potted
    plants, ornaments, you will have plenty of space to do it, since they are fairly tall and
    have separate shelves with different sized spaces on each.
  • Glamourous gold wall shelf: Glamourous gold wall shelf is the perfect addition to any
    stylish feminine bedroom or living room. Using gold colour is a great way to add a
    glamourous touch to your interior space. It can be perfectly styled with flowers and
    other decorative items. These shelves have a clear straight line and asymmetrical layout.
  • Crescent moon shelves: Crescent moon shelves are the perfect stylish addition to any
    boho bedroom. This shelf adds a natural element to your space.
  • Black square accent shelves: This is a very cool shelves design and has floating unique
    black squares. This is the perfect choice for anyone looking for shelves to display
    ornaments, sculptures, small succulents, or photographs because each box serves as its
    little display frame.
  • Modern wall shelving: If you are looking for decent wall shelves, this is perfect for your
    home wall. These modern wall shelves feature a unique ‘fork’ like design. It can be used
    as a pair or even as a part of the largest set to cover an entire wall.
  • Rustic wooden crates: Rustic wooden crate shelves are perfect for anyone who loves
    rustic farmhouse décor. The crates can be mounted on the wall as shelves, or stacked
    on top of one another to create a unique bookcase- the choice is yours.
  •  Intricate carved wooden shelves: Intricate carved wooden shelves are perfect for
    anyone who loves the French country chic look. The shelves feature intricate carving in a
    vintage design, with a distressed pearl white finish- perfect for bringing a vintage charm
    to your home.

Statement hallways

For a longer hallway, you should try a large-scale pattern. A tiny pattern may be too busy in a
long narrow space. For instance, To create a less dramatic and attractive look, a tone-on-tone
pattern suits very well. Light fixtures in a repeated way are smart ideas for hallway décor. The
combination of two coloured stripe patterns is the most trending wall decor idea for hallway
decoration nowadays. Playing with different patterns and colours can add a modern
contemporary look to your hallway. Mostly neutral colours are used for the hallway to give it a

light and airy feel. Hence, experiment with mid-tone shades of yellow, green, pink, and blue
pastels can create magic in the hallway.

Metallic wall colouring

Metallic paints are a stand-out feature for any room, adding depth and shine to the wall. The
visual sensation is usually associated with metals and their shine. Molten metallic gold can be
used to highlight a mirror. Silver metallic paint can be used over an entire painted table to add
a classic feel to the room. The options are endless for using gorgeous and shimmer metallics.
Metallic paints need a primer before applying them to walls or furniture. Metallic wall decor
adds aesthetic beauty to your walls. Therefore, experimenting with metallics can do wonders
for your walls.


In the above article as we discussed, in brief, some cool and different wall décor ideas. Here we
will have a short summary of all the points and you don’t miss any of them:

  •  Our team have solved your problem of colour scheme for wall decal as our teamwork on
    exclusive wall decal colour theory.
  • We follow the ongoing trends but in our own innovative way. You can get pocket-friendly
    stencilled wall art and textured wall service. Decoruss team keep in mind clients need
    and affordability.
  • Nowadays metallics are very much in trend, how can we miss on that. We have evolved
    many ideas for metallic wall decoration that add a shiny and royal touch to the walls.
  • Our team offers some makeover ideas for the walls of your interior space. We use
    sculptures, wall artwork like contemporary, vintage, and so on.
  • We create an extremely sober entryway or you can say statement hallway that can catch
    attention very easily.
  • Minimalistic shelves can do a lot to your space and we have come up with new ideas
    regarding shelves decoration for your walls.

Decoruss interior design service provider company in Lucknow provides the best wall decor services, not only in Lucknow but also in nearby like Sitapur, Barabanki, Kanpur, Sultanpur, Faizabad, Raebareli etc. We keep in mind customer’s perspectives and need. For more information related to wall design and decor ideas, you can contact on these numbers – 9936628880 / 7905770264.
The Decoruss team not only provides wall decor services but also provides false ceiling designing services as well as false ceiling contractors in Lucknow for home & office false ceiling pop work. So that your house not only looks beautiful but it’s also protected with two layers of the ceiling.


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