WPC louver panels, Pvc louver panels, charcoal panels in Lucknow,



Top supplier of WPC louver panels, a wholesaler of  PVC Louver panels, and trader of charcoal Louver panels in Lucknow, U.P.WPC louver panels, Pvc louver panels, charcoal panels in Lucknow

Since we, Decoruss, began our business journey in 2010 as an interior design company in Lucknow, we have been striving to deliver all types of interior design and interior décor services according to the client’s needs and budgets, and we have delivered over 300 turnkey residential interior design and commercial interior design projects in Lucknow city.

 Decoruss home interior decor company is also a supplier of WPC louver panels in Lucknow, dealers of PVC Louver panels in Lucknow, and wholesalers of charcoal Louver panels in Lucknow, U.P. We have a wide range of wall décor panels, charcoal sheets, customized wallpapers, UV marble sheets, etc. that are meticulously designed and rigorously tested. We love calling ourselves a team of achievers working hard to offer a superior product line at affordable prices to clients. To offer innovative products that always match well with customers’ demands, we work in collaboration with leading manufacturers and sellers of wallpaper, panels, and sheets.

WPC Louver panels, PVC Louver panels, and charcoal Louver panels can be used to beautify all walls and ceilings of your dream home and office. You can use these WPC Louvers, PVC Louvers, and charcoal louver panels in all interior walls and ceilings in homes, offices, shops, showrooms, hotels, cafes, etc. without the fear of discoloration, breakage, or going bad because these interior wall panels are very durable and long-lasting in all aspects.

Key Features of Louvers Panels

Low-cost Louver panels in Lucknow- This is one of the major advantages of preferring Louver panels in Lucknow for decorating or highlighting the interior walls of your dream home.

Louver Panels are Borer Proof- The WPC Louver panels we are providing in Lucknow to our customers are borer proof as they are designed with standard materials.

Louver Panels are Waterproof- It has been determined that the coating of the walls will decay with the passage of time, but the products that Decoruss Interior Design Company of Lucknow is offering to the customers are waterproof. It will also not lose its adaptability property in the future.

Louver Panels are Resistant to Scratches- The quality and standard WPC and PVC Louver panels we are providing to our clients in Lucknow are highly resistant to scratches.

Installation without glue-  We are fixing these decorative panels and WPC Louver panels without glue and without destroying the neutrality of the wall.

Excellent looks-  Once our designed WPC and PVC Louver panels are applied to the walls, they will definitely give your walls an excellent look.

No color fading- We provide the best and highest-grade permanent and polished colors to our products, due to which they will not lose their property or color.

Louver Panels are Termite Proof- The product that we are providing is termite-proof as it is manufactured with standard materials.

Easy maintenance- It is quite easy to maintain, as you can wash it with water and clean it with a rag, depending on you.

Transferable- The products that we are designing are transferable, so one can pick them from one wall and install them on another wall and ceiling.

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