Latest false ceiling design ideas in 2022 for home and office interiors in India

Whether you have purchased a new house or want to renovate your old home by adopting the latest false ceiling design trends, you will get complete knowledge in this article. Regarding the latest modern false ceiling design ideas, all types of false ceilings, Simple false ceiling design cost, false ceiling advantages, false ceiling materials, types of lights used in false ceilings, different types of false ceiling designs for bedrooms, living rooms & hall, etc. for home & office interiors in India 2022.

latest- false- ceiling- design- for- drawing- room-interior-designer-in-lucknow-design-by-decoruss-companyScope of the false ceiling in India 

According to some renowned interior design industry experts in India, False ceilings are also known as secondary ceilings. Since these modern false ceilings are built under the primary ceiling, it’s also known as an artificial ceiling or a dropped ceiling. It has many advantages, including keeping the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter. POP (plaster of Paris), Gypsum board, asbestos sheets, particle board, aluminium panel, wood, and other materials can be used to create a unique false ceiling. Several contemporary false ceiling designs are popular in India, and interior decorators usually use them in Lucknow. Gypsum False Ceiling, POP False Ceiling, PVC False Ceiling, Metal False ceiling are good examples of the latest false ceiling designs ideas. Thus, one can easily say that the scope of modern false ceiling designs is multiplying in India.

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The primary reason for the growing demand for modern false ceiling Services in Lucknow India:-

Creative- false- ceiling- design- ideas- for- your- home-designer-in-lucknow-up-design-by-decoruss-company

Since people in Lucknow are now eager to decorate their new or old homes according to the latest, while decorating a new home, you may require interior design services in Lucknow provided by the best home interior designers in Lucknow, India. Who can assist a house owner in enhancing their house’s elegance? You can easily give your old home a makeover by taking false ceiling design services. For example, you can use a simple false ceiling design for a bedroom to conceal ugly damp marks and spiral electricity wires. In addition, the dropped ceiling can divide a room without visually designing and building a partition. For instance, ultra-modern False ceilings designs for modular kitchens can also be used for thermal insulation. The air-filled gap between the two layers of the ceiling. Generally, keeps the kitchen room cool and lowers the room’s temperature. A false ceiling is typically suspended a few inches below the central ceiling. A metal framework can be crafted from light-weighted construction materials like wood, glass, fibre, fabric, PVC, POP (Murga Jali), Gypsum board, etc. It primarily depends on the client’s budget and requirements as there is air between two layers of the ceiling. It acts as a bad conductor of heat. Therefore, it does not allow the heat to flow in the room. Thus, it reduces electricity bills mainly in the summer season.

Here are the some most popular modern False Ceiling Materials used by Interior Designers in India:-


1. Gypsum Board Material

Gypsum board is India’s one of the most popular false ceiling materials used by interior designers and decorators. These gypsum boards are generally available in the form of square boards. They are factory-manufactured.

Pros of a Gypsum board false ceiling:-

  • Gypsum boards are generally super solid and long-lasting false ceiling material.
  • The best thing about gypsum boards is that they are quick and easy to install and generally produce very little dust throughout the false ceiling installation process. Furthermore, the Gypsum board false ceiling has very few visible joint lines because the gypsum boards come in big sizes.
  • Gypsum board is a fire-resistant material.
  • This Gypsum board false ceiling has superb sound qualities and can easily soundproof a room.
  • This type of false ceiling also offers better thermal insulation for a room.
  • Gypsum boards have a factory-applied finish that is relatively smooth. Paint, laminate, or wallpaper can then be used to finish the ceiling.

2. POP (Plaster of Paris) False ceiling material:-

 POP is a fast, reacting white powder that hardens instantly when combined with water. This combination can be painted on a chicken mesh, dried, and installed as a false ceiling.

Pros of Plaster of Paris false ceiling:-

  • POP is a solid and long-lasting false ceiling material.
  • Since the same material covers all of the connection lines, it creates a smooth surface that does not exhibit fractures. The paint adheres to the POP ceiling quite well.
  • POP is a versatile material that can be moulded into any shape.
  • It is one of the most affordable false ceiling materials available in the market at the present time.

3. Wooden False Ceiling Material

Wooden false ceiling material may give your luxury false ceiling design a warm, rustic, or high-end modern feel. These wooden ceilings are made by attaching wooden blocks or panels to the structural top and then finishing them with veneer or wood polish.

Pros of wooden false ceiling material:-


  • The natural textures and grain patterns of wood can make contemporary wooden false ceilings stand out. These ceilings look well in both traditional and contemporary settings.

4. PVC false ceiling material

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) ceiling panels are good if you need a water-resistant modern false ceiling material.

Pros of PVC false ceiling material:

  • PVC sheets are long-lasting, lightweight, and stable modern false ceiling material, and they don’t require any finishing or painting after installation. They don’t warp or bend and last for years.
  • The PVC sheets’ water resistance feature prevents water absorption in the false ceiling. As a result, they are easy to mould, especially in moist environments.
  • PVC panels are affordable and simple to install.
  • They generally come in a variety of colours.

 Challenges faced by false ceiling contractors in India during installation of a false ceiling:-

 Challenges-faced-by- false-ceiling-contractors-in-India-during-installation-of-a-false-ceilingWhile considering all other factors affecting modern false ceiling designs in India, it is evident that a false ceiling is crucial for the interior decoration of residential or commercial spaces. However, there are a few challenges false ceiling contractors face in India. While installing a false ceiling in your house or office:-

  • If the building’s shape is irregular at the beam bottom, a false ceiling may not be possible.
  • A false ceiling may be impacted if a structure has a leaking problem.
  • Since false ceilings take a long time to dry, they could result in project delays.
  • False ceiling installation necessitates technical skill and attention to detail.

Cost of various types of False ceiling in India:-

1 (4)-minSince India is a vast country and there are several states in India. The cost of a false ceiling may vary in each state due to differences in the material cost. Therefore, there are different prices of the False ceiling in every state. 

False ceilings have been a natural complement to Indian houses and offices. They can be made out of POP Murga Jali, factory-made gypsum boards, and other false ceiling materials. To estimate the exact cost of a False ceiling for your house, you can take the assistance of interior designers near me in Lucknow, who can also give you valuable latest false ceiling design ideas. Along with the cost of a false ceiling.

Here are some significant factors affecting the false ceiling cost in India:-


  • The material used in the false ceiling’s design and how sophisticated and elegant it is.
  • The ceiling material’s accessibility and cost in the local market/city.
  • The standard of the materials utilized.
  • The broad area or space to be covered.
  • Electrical work, gala cutting, lighting fixtures, and surface quality are extra charges.

 This article will provide you with an idea of the costs of some popular types of false ceilings for homes and workplaces in India.

Gypsum false ceiling cost in India:-

Best-false-ceiling-pop-interior-designing-in-lucknow-design-by-decorussIn India, Straight-line gypsum false ceilings from leading manufacturers start at INR 75 per square foot. However, if the false ceiling needs to be substantially created, the cost of the false ceiling might rise to as much as INR 125 per square foot.

Plaster of Paris False Ceiling Cost in India: –

The powdered POP variant is easily accessible in India. It could be combined with water on the spot and can be moulded into any design for an aesthetic effect. Depending on the design features, POP false ceilings cost can vary from INR 75 to 120 per square foot. Cornices and ornate mouldings from POP start at INR 45 per foot.

Note:- if you want to know more about actual False ceiling cost in Lucknow, you can easily take the assistance of Decoruss Hazratganj Lucknow. At Decoruss, we are always ready to provide the best possible False ceiling services and the latest false ceiling design ideas to our valuable customers.

PVC False Ceiling cost for your home interior in 2022:-

1 copy-minPolyvinyl Chloride Planks, or PVC False Ceiling Planks, are décor materials for interior spaces. PVC is a versatile material that may be utilized for false ceiling designs in residential and commercial projects. In addition, PVC planks are commonly used for dropped ceilings and wall cladding.

Here, we are providing a chart of PVC Ceiling Costs in India:- 

Surface Treatment:-Min Price and Max Price

Coated:- Rs 45/Square Feet Rs 95/Square Feet

Colour Coated:- Rs 38/Square Feet Rs 120/Square Feet

Film Coated:- Rs 32/Square Feet Rs 125/Square Feet

Galvanised:-Rs 60/Square Feet Rs 100/Square Feet 

The False ceiling Durability:-

Generally, False Ceilings are all long-lasting and solid. However, if the false ceiling is not damaged from the outside, in that case, it can easily survive for 10 to 20 years, depending on the type of false ceiling.

Types of False Ceiling / Material and their Durability in Years:

  1.  POP False Ceiling – 15-20 years 
  2. Gypsum False Ceiling – 12-15 years
  3.  PVC False Ceiling – 15-20 years
  4. Wooden False Ceiling – 9-10 years

 Types of lights used in False ceiling:-

best-false- ceiling- design- for- drawing-room- with- two- fan-designer-in-lucknow-design-by-decoruss-companyIf you have a passion for decorating your home, give your home an elegant look. Then you might spend a long time redecorating your dream home. It may include (picking the ideal wallpaper, textures, patterns, false ceiling designs, the most acceptable flooring, a big almirah) and many more. However, this will not work if the brightness of a light is insufficient and inefficient. In addition, the style of lighting you choose for your false ceiling can drastically alter the mood and feel of the room. If you are confused about what kind of lighting to select for your house or office’s false ceiling, you can easily take the help of a local interior designer company in your locality, or if you belong to Lucknow, then you can contact Decoruss for all kind of false ceiling services and false ceiling 3d designing and can consider the following Lighting options with their valuable advice:-

  •  LED Lighting: – These are the most popular lights at present. They can be low-cost, soft, and simple to install behind a false ceiling. LED Lighting is a preferred solution provided by some renowned interior design experts in India is to draw attention to the room’s focal point.
  • Cover Lighting: – This light throws a soft glow down the wall. While indirectly illuminating the ceiling. For a dazzling effect, use these with floor lamps and hanging lights.
  • Gimble recessed lighting: These lights are the perfect solution for concealing those unattractive lights and light bulbs. These are adaptable and can provide passion to a room with colorful lights or remain discreet without detracting from the false ceiling’s style or design.
  •  Flush mount lighting: This type of light is ideal for rooms with low ceilings. These lights can evenly distribute light across a vast area without being hard on the eyes.
  • Back-lit ceiling panel: These lights provide a soft glow in your home or office interior. These lights are simple to install to create a pleasant and sober environment.

 The main advantages of implementing the latest False ceiling design ideas are given below:-

false-ceiling-design-for-small- bedroom-ideas-in-gomti-nagar-lucknow-up-design-by-decoruss-copmany

  1. The latest false ceiling design ideas may dramatically change the look and feel of residential or commercial spaces. For instance, the commercial space has a contemporary look. Thanks to the latest false ceiling design idea to adopt a T-bar false ceiling. Along with this, a golden suspended ceiling can make the room look like a king’s palace. On the other hand, Grid ceilings are made of various materials, and they come in various shapes and sizes.
  2. The interior of your home or office can be kept cool with the latest false ceiling design ideas. Roofs exposed to direct sunlight can become extremely hot in summer. The distance between the roof and the space created by the bar-ceiling seems to have a cooling effect in your commercial interior design and home interior design projects
  3.  A simple false ceiling might lead to significant savings on your electricity bill. Since the air conditioner’s cooling system must cover a smaller area, airflow is lowered, and less electricity is consumed.
  4. Behind the simple false ceiling, all electrical lines are hidden. These false ceilings give the room a cleaner appearance. In addition, only one panel needs to be eliminated if any repairs are required.
  5.  Bathroom plumbing can be concealed underneath a modern false ceiling.
  6.  A varied pattern or color utilized in the contemporary false ceiling designs can provide the sense of dividing a room without installing a partition.
  7.  Since the area is smaller, natural light is boosted. Using a mirror or glass on the ceiling can help to improve it.
  8.  The installation of energy-efficient fixtures can help control the amount of artificial light used.

 Types of Modern False Ceiling: – 

modern-small- bedroom-bed-back-panel- designs-and-ideas-in-gomti-nagar-lucknow-up-india-design-by-decoruss-companyModern False ceilings come in a variety of styles. These contemporary false ceiling designs are usually categorized according to the material utilized. Each substance has its own set of upsides and downsides. A mix of materials provides both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Here is a brief description of the main types of suspended ceiling structures.

lcd- panel- design- in- drawing- room-in-lucknow-up-design-by-decoruss-company

Gypsum Suspended Ceilings:- At present, Gypsum is India’s most widely used luxury false ceiling material. It is usually obtained from calcium sulphate. Drywall ceilings usually consist of drywall sheets, panels, boards, and ceiling tiles. Drywall is mainly produced in a factory and is readily available on the market. It can be easily installed on-site using metal or wood formwork. For example, Parisian stucco is available in various attractive and soothing colors: red, yellow, white, brown, and grey. Gypsum is also known as a colorless material. Gypsum suspended ceilings tend to be more suitable for homes or offices having more space, Where central air conditioning is required in summer. Synthetic gypsum boards are usually made on an iron floor by hanging square gypsum boards.

Types of Gypsum Boards to be used for implementing the Latest false ceiling design ideas:-

(i) Regular Gypsum Board

(ii) Fire resistant Gypsum Board

(iii) Moisture resistant Gypsum Board

(iv) Fire & Moisture resistant Gypsum Board.

  • Plaster Of Paris Modern False ceiling: – Plaster of Paris (POP) is a modern false ceiling material used for indoor commercial and residential spaces. POP is simply a granular Gypsum form that does not contain water. Plaster of Paris can be used to design false luxury ceilings because these POP false ceiling materials can be molded into any shape or design.
  • Modern Wooden False ceiling:- Generally, natural patterns and textures on wooden false ceilings will fascinate the eyes of residential or commercial space owners in India. Generally, hollow blocks, boards, or panels are being used to create a unique false ceiling made of wood. These wooden false ceilings can be installed using only screws and nails. Along with this, these artificial hardwood ceilings are ideal for use in colder regions. 

Note:-Theses Wooden false ceilings are long-lasting, even though they’re vulnerable to termite damage and warping. They can be completed in various ways, including painting them with relevant recall colours.

  • Fibre False ceiling: – Nowadays, modern fibre false ceilings are also becoming the popular choice of interior designers in India for their commercial interior design projects due to their low cost, easy installation, and several functional benefits. On the other hand, Fiber ceilings are not suited for residential rooms due to their lack of aesthetic impact.
  • PVC False Ceiling:- Modern False ceilings in garages, basements, kitchens, toilets, and bathrooms can benefit from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC ceiling panels are a low-cost substitute for most premium panels. Installing and maintaining this type of panel is indeed a simple task. They’re small, light, and resistant to termites and moisture. They are colorfast because they are not affected by UV light.
  • Glass ceiling: – Glass is a decent material for luxury false ceilings. Since it is non-crystalline but transparent, it is generally used to enhance the aesthetics of a false ceiling. 
  • Metal False ceiling: – Although galvanized iron and aluminium have an industrial appearance, they may be a delight to watch when polished and used as a false ceiling. Modern metal false ceilings are the most durable and the easiest to set up and maintain. These metal false ceilings are suitable for industries, commercial spaces, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • Gyptone False ceiling Material: The latest false ceiling design idea for commercial space is focused on optimum soundproofing and effective air conditioning. That’s why; Gyptone ceilings (simply perforated plasterboard) can be helpful in this regard. Furthermore, they are aesthetically attractive, simple, and easy to maintain. Along with this, they have high durability. Generally, Gyptone false ceiling Material is a better option for commercial space false ceiling.

Now, in this article, we will provide you with the overview of the Latest false ceiling ideas for home & office interior decoration in 2022:-

modern- drawing- room- design-in-lucknow-design-by-decoruss-companyThermal insulation is another benefit of false ceilings. The air gap between the two roof layers keeps the room cold and cools it down. False ceilings are draped a few inches below the primary false ceiling on a metal framework. They can be constructed of lightweight materials such as wood, glass, fibre, fabric, PVC, POP (murga jali), and gypsum board. Depending on the client’s budget and needs.

For example, fibre ceilings are extensively used in various environments such as laboratories and offices due to their excellent soundproofing capabilities. At the same time, fiber false ceilings are widely used in homes for aesthetic appeal and practical needs, such as soundproofing and concealing electrical wiring. They come in various sizes, finishes, colours, and pattern designs. Since fibre ceiling designs are cost-effective, they can be an excellent choice for a home’s ceiling. You can consider these latest fibre false ceiling ideas if you plan a home renovation and remodelling.

  1. Latest false ceiling ideas with multiple lighting: In 2022, many lighting options will dominate the hall ceiling design trend. It’s a fantastic option for a large living room that requires a balance of concealed & decorative lighting and cove lighting.
  2.  Fibre ceiling design idea for the modular kitchen: – While constructing modular kitchen false ceilings, it’s crucial to choose materials suitable for the kitchen’s function, especially those that can resist heat and are non-toxic, such as fibre false ceilings. Just choose a design with adequate lighting, such as a modular kitchen with pendant lighting to highlight the kitchen design and breakfast corner to achieve a contrasting aesthetic. You can also select dark-hued panels. The false ceiling, painted black, can provide the kitchen with an elegant look.
  3. Wood and Fiber ceiling design ideas: – Fiber ceilings can be combined with other materials, such as wood, to develop a unique aesthetic. The combination of wooden frames and fibre to the ceiling will boost its entire look.
  4. Fibre POP design: – POP false ceiling designs are increasingly trendy these days. Fantastic Fiber POP designs ideas for walls and ceilings can be easily used with a fibre POP design. To make room ceilings shine and be much more engaging.
  5. Grid Lighting:– In offices and business setups, ceiling grids are generally implemented. On the other hand, fibre ceiling design helps install grid lighting fixtures on the wall ceiling design, offering an excellent appearance for your home interiors.
  6. Fibre ceiling with patterns:– You can choose fibre ceiling design in various ways and color schemes for your home. Geometric designs will give your house an elegant look. Select mild colours for more modern wall designs and ceiling design styles.
  7. Simple False Ceiling Design: – If you want to avoid complex patterns and patterns in your living room, go with simple and modern false ceiling designs.
  8. Floral pattern: – A beautiful pattern, such as floral fibre designs, is one of the false ceiling ideas you may consider with fibre ceiling, to give an exquisite appearance. In comparison, soundproofing the space to create a calm environment.
  9. Circular False Ceiling:- Although square and rectangle ceiling designs are the most popular, circular designer ceilings are trendy. A false ceiling in the bedroom adds elegance to the interior design by using concealed lighting and soft colours.

10. Minimal False ceiling design: – Take a glance at the simple fibre ceiling design with pendant lights. Rather than covering the entire ceiling, the minimal false ceiling design covers a small portion of it. 

Now, we will discuss some critical interior design ideas for various parts of a home or interior design ideas for office interior renovation:-

 Top 9 False ceiling ideas for bedroom interior design you may love to know:- 

false-ceiling-design-for-bedroom-in-lko-up-design-by-decoruss-companyThe main reasons behind the requirement of bedroom interior design are given below:-

  • It’s prima rily a matter of preference, and you simply want to improve the look of your ceiling.
  • You want to cover some wires or hide some defects up there.
  • Just maybe the reason that the height of your room is more significant than you’d like, and you want to use a false ceiling — also known as a drop ceiling or a low ceiling — to bring it down to your desired level.
  • You want to make your home relatively quiet and lower the effects of noise in it.                              

Here are some modern false ceiling designs for bedroom interior design in 2022:-


  • Layered Tray Bedroom false ceiling design: – If you want a fantastic design, this architectural design is fascinating and sophisticated while remaining modest. This layered tray false ceiling would be impressive for a simple bedroom design. Tray ceilings are such type of ceiling that resembles inverted trays and have lower outside borders. On the other hand, this false ceiling has a layered tray pattern that adds aesthetic appeal to the room. It’s also a great place to put a dazzling light fixture.
  • Classic false pop pop ceiling design for Bedrooms: – This classic pop pop false ceiling design is one of the most popular false ceiling designs for conventional false ceilings that aren’t overly complex. Because they come in a range of finishes, simple false ceiling designs will be trendy in 2022. Hallway panels and many other spaces are integrated into existing suspended ceiling structures with a uniform finish. You can choose from various ceiling designs, including square, rectangular and octagonal. This simple bedroom design with a ceiling looks great and has its charm.
  • Modern false ceiling design for bedroom: – Modern bedroom false ceiling design for 2022 might be the perfect false ceiling design for providing a sophisticated and elegant look to your bedroom. The cutouts in this bedroom and living room false ceiling design are available in various forms and sizes. These cutout features for the false ceiling can be done according to your liking. It can also be used to illuminate or ventilate the bedroom ceiling.

This floating false ceiling design for a bedroom in 2022 generally uses the minimum necessary materials. While still looking stunning, give your bedroom a great, high-class impression. In addition, the LEDs around the false ceiling can produce a soothing light throughout the room.

  • Coffered false ceiling design for bedrooms: – One of the most delicate false ceiling designs in 2022 might be the coffered pattern. Coffered ceilings are generally square, with crisscross beams forming a grid pattern. They provide heaviness to the roof and are likely to draw the audience’s attention upwards of any passers-by. You’ll adore this bedroom’s false ceiling design if you like squares with a twist.
  • Kid’s Bedroom false ceiling design: – This new kid’s room cloud-themed false ceiling design for 2022 seems to be a good choice for your kid’s bedroom or nursery. Avoid having too many prominent clouds on the ceiling, and always use soft lighting to enhance the room’s overall aesthetic. Your kid’s room can be anything they want it to be, whether it’s a sports-themed room, a princess castle, a jungle-themed room, a basic bedroom ceiling design, or a POP bedroom ceiling design.
  • Panelled False Ceiling Designs in the Bedroom: – Simple ceiling designs in the primary bedroom are usually symmetrical at the headboard and behind the bed. It spreads vertically from the wall behind the bed to the ceiling above it. This kid’s room false ceilings is one of the most popular contemporary bedroom false ceiling patterns, adding elegance to your area. The panel could be as modest as cover illumination or as substantial as a different shade or wallpaper; this will stand out.
  • Wood panels’ false ceiling design for bedroom: – Contemporary wood is appreciated among homeowners because of its delicate patterns and textures. Wood is a good choice due to its elegant design and sophisticated appearance, considering the high cost. A few LED lights may dramatically alter the look and feel of a bedroom ceiling design. It provides your room ceiling design with a gentle yet evident radiance.
  • The honeycomb pattern false ceiling design for the bedroom: – Another fantastic false ceiling design for Indian Bedroom is the honeycomb shape. With it, you can give the room a stern and majestic look. This forsling design may work well in living rooms, open floor plans, and dining rooms. Fancy lighting will help the pattern stand out from the rest of your bedroom ceiling.
  • Bedroom False Ceiling Glass Panels:- This can be used on any roofing system that provides maximum transparency. Furthermore, due to using design features such as colour and pattern, it has an advantage over other materials in that it is aesthetically appealing. As an outcome, they could be used to make beautiful bedroom false ceiling designs.
  • Metal False ceiling design for bedrooms:- Modern Metal False ceiling designs for bedrooms are made of aluminized steel and galvanized iron, giving them strength and durability. Since they are easy to maintain and have a long life, they are generally popular in business settings. 

Note:-This is one of the prominent false ceiling designs for your bedroom if you prefer things to be as essential as possible.

  • Wooden beam & POP roof design for Bedroom: To stay loyal to their heritage, several people opt for all-wood ceilings or blend the two. It’s no doubt that a room ceiling like this one is eye-catching. Because they supply moisture to the air within the home, this main bedroom ceiling design is suitable in colder regions.
  • POP roof design for Bedrooms with recessed lights: – A false ceiling design for Indian bedrooms in 2022 will allow you to change the interior design at any point using concealed lighting and artificial ceilings. This type of POP roof design is the best choice for suspended ceiling ideas that last a long time and require minimal maintenance. This POP roof design is a must-have to keep things simple in your bedroom.
  • Gypsum POP roof design for bedroom: – Gypsum is a widely used material for false ceilings. There are gypsum boards or planks that give any home a modern touch. Most gypsum ceilings are high-end, polished designs fit into the contemporary false ceiling design category. If appropriately maintained, the gypsum bedroom false ceiling design will last long.
  • Concave POP false ceiling design for bedroom: – Designing using POP empowers the designer to develop innovative ways of expressing themselves. Interior designers quickly shift to POP bedroom false ceilings with LED lights embedded into the concave surface. POP designs have a variety of benefits, including the fact that they demand the minimum level of maintenance and hence last the longest.
  • Trendy Bedroom heart ceiling design: – These fake ceiling designs for the bedroom and living room aren’t simply elegant; they’re also practical. The acoustics of false ceilings are fantastic, which helps to minimize the volume of unwanted noise. They enhance the area’s dimensions by reducing the height of high tops. This basic main bedroom ceiling design may include electric lines, pipes, and air conditioning ducts. False ceiling designs can minimize the volume of artificial lighting needed by reflecting and dispersing light, conserving money on electricity. This Room ceiling design provides several more benefits and fire and moisture protection.

 Now, we will explain in brief false ceiling design ideas in various rooms of the Residential and commercial space:-


  • False ceiling design for the Living room in India: – Ceilings are no longer merely a covering over your head. These days, people are looking for false ceiling ideas for their living room. For this, you can go to an interior design firm like Decoruss in Lucknow, India. Decorus, for example, creates a beautiful artistic ceiling in the living room that is visible from all sides. We’ve rounded up some contemporary temporary ceiling ideas that will radically change the style of living spaces in 2022.Our specialized interior design team at Decoruss first measures the proportions then adjusts the design accordingly. Rectangular designs might be trendy in 2022. Although, many experiments with circular and semi-circular shapes will significantly contribute to the elegance of the living room in 2022. In today’s world, textured and wooden false ceilings in the living room are stylish and elegant.
  • Fabric and Synthetic Leather False Ceilings in India: – These fake ceiling designs are more aesthetic than functional. They generally make a stunning ambience. Consequently, they are primarily used in momentary settings such as events and functions in residential or commercial spaces.
  • Simple Kitchen False ceiling designs in India: – Nowadays, every homeowner in India want to have beautiful modular kitchens in their dream home as the kitchen is the most crucial part of a house, so a false ceiling for kitchen is also essential as they perform crucial activities in their kitchen like cooking cook different type of foods, modular kitchens are fast becoming a passion for every house owner right now. As a result, it’s crucial that the false ceiling in your kitchen complements the rest of the rooms in your house.
If you want to hire the top modular kitchen dealer in Lucknow, click on the link - Top modular kitchen dealer in Lucknow 
  • Metal Ceiling Panels in India: Metal ceiling Panels are a type of suspended ceiling. Made from solid and durable aluminium and galvanized iron. It is easy to maintain and durable, popular in commercial spaces.
  • PVC False ceiling design for Drawing/Dining room in India: – PVC is a plastic material used for artificial ceilings. Since it is a low-cost alternative to more expensive materials, they’re also trendy in houses these days. Apart from this, It can also be polished in various ways to match your living/dining room design.
  • Fibre ceiling for commercial spaces in India: –In India, fibre ceiling tiles combine natural and synthetic materials, making them fire-resistant, strong, and durable. As a result, business organizations generally choose this material type for their commercial spaces. For instance, Restaurants are places where we notice false fibre ceiling designs. 

Note:-Residents (homeowners) usually do not prefer it in residential areas due to its lack of elegant design, yet we see it in showrooms.


  • Glass False Ceilings in India: Suspended glass ceilings can be effectively used for roofing solutions. In addition, this material has advantages over other attractive materials in terms of design, such as colour and motif. This type of glass false ceiling material can also create beautiful ceilings in other house rooms, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. To create gorgeous tops in various rooms throughout the house, including living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.
  • Wood Panels in India: – Modern hardwood materials are mainly used by homeowners because wood’s natural patterns and textures are pleasant to the eyes. People prefer wood because of its appealing beauty and refined aspect, even though it is one of the most expensive products.
  • The classic POP ceiling in India is a common material for crafting simple false ceiling designs. It is indeed beneficial since it can provide a variety of finishes. These include consistent and flawless finishes for halls and other rooms.
  • Gypsum Board false ceiling designs for residential and commercial space: – This is a subset of the Pop genre, a widely known material for its thermal and sound insulation, lightweight, and fire resistance qualities. As a result, it is a popular option for false ceiling design in residential and commercial spaces in India since it can readily adapt to various shapes and textures.

Some other Significant False ceiling Design ideas: –          

 Other important false ceiling design ideas include:


 (i) Natural canopy: –This is a unique concept in the form of a canopy made of natural materials. It’s also perfect for giving your living room a wood feel.

(ii) Neat Tray Design: A basic tray has lower edges than other designs. As a result, the ceiling has a beautiful border. This neat tray design attracts attention to the roof while focusing on the room and its contents.

(iii) Dark & Well defined: – The entire ceiling is not covered in this design style. This false ceiling design saves a lot of money while giving the roof a beautiful appearance.

(iv) Creative layers: – The two different designs separate the dining room from the living space if the ceiling has sections. 

Now we will discuss the Use of Light in False ceilings in residential and commercial space in India:-

Unique-pop-false-ceiling-designer-in-lucknow-uttar-pradesh-design-by-decoruss-companyYou may spend a long time redecorating your home, picking the appropriate wallpaper, textures, patterns, false ceiling designs, the trendiest flooring, a capacious almirah, and many more. However, all this will be for nothing if the illumination is insufficient and ineffective. In addition, the style of lighting you choose for your false ceiling can significantly alter the mood and feel of the environment.

  • LED Lamps: – LED lamps are one of the most popular lighting fixtures for home or office interiors. They can be low-cost, gentle, and simple to install under a false ceiling. The ideal method is to draw more attention to the room’s focal point.
  • Cove Lighting:-This light casts a soft glow down the wall while indirectly lighting the ceiling. For a spotlight effect, use these with floor lamps and hanging lights. They can make a room feel magnificent. 
  • Gimble recessed lighting: These lights are the perfect solution for concealing outdated and unappealing lights and delicate bulbs. These are adaptable, allowing them to provide passion to a room with coloured lights or remain modest without diverting attention from the false ceiling’s style or design.
  • Flush mount lighting: Perfect for rooms with low ceilings. These lights evenly distribute light across a vast area without being difficult to read.
  • Back-lit ceiling panel: – These lights are fantastic for casting off a soft glow. These are simple to install to create a pleasant and dignified ambience.

Here are some FAQs regarding False ceiling design ideas in 2022:-


Now, we will provide answers to some frequently asked questions about false ceiling design ideas in 2022.

Question1: What is the false ceiling installation time for a Bedroom?

Answer1: – Generally, It will take 2 to 3 days to finish a simple rectangular false ceiling. In a nutshell, it will depend on the design you pick. The more complicated the plan, including round design cutting and rafts, the more days.

Question2:– What are the crucial benefits of Designer False ceiling?

Answer2:– Designer false ceilings have a variety of functional advantages. They can easily give a fantastic look to the overall interior area. 

Question3:– How to maintain and clean POP and Gypsum false ceiling

Answer3:It’s easy to maintain and clean false ceilings, just like any other plastered surface. Cleaning POP and Gypsum while cleaning false ceilings.                

Question4. What gypsum ceiling tiles sizes are available in Lucknow?               

Answer4:– According to industry experts in the field of interior decoration. Gypsum ceiling tiles in Lucknow are available in (600 mm by 600 mm) mm size. Gypsum ceiling tiles are usually installed with a metal frame or channel, forming square planks.  

Question5. Who is the best Gypsum and pop false ceiling service provider in Lucknow UP?                 

Answer5:- Decoruss is one of the best gypsums and false ceiling service provider companies for your home and office in Lucknow UP. At Decoruss, Our highly specialized interior design team and skilled POP false ceiling contractors have complete knowledge and required skills regarding False Ceiling work and installation in Lucknow UP, so we provide a wide array of interior design services and the latest false ceiling design ideas, such as Pop False Ceiling, Gypsum False Ceiling, PVC False Ceiling, Grid False Ceiling, and Grid False Ceiling to our valuable customers.

Conclusion: –


 You may choose from the above varieties of the latest false ceiling design ideas for your residence and workplace in Lucknow depending on multiple false ceiling materials and designs depending on the type of interior space. You can also seek the assistance of interior designers and decorators in Lucknow, India, who can recommend the best false ceiling for your room







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