Best Restaurant interior design Ideas in 2022 by Decoruss Restaurant interior designer

 Best Restaurant interior design Ideas in 2022

Brown-Minimalist-Elegant-Restaurant-Interior-Design-Ideas-by-decorussIn this modern era, Restaurants and coffee shops are generally considered a place where people usually go to have some entertainment and fun while eating good food. According to industry experts, the restaurant’s ambience is vital in attracting many customers to restaurants. While designing a restaurant, many interior designers will typically choose a theme-based design, and many others would try to make an impact with the customized furniture, colour palette selection, space/walkway and functions.

Still, the quality, taste and elegant ambience are the significant factors responsible for attracting more clients in a short period. For example, the correct interior of a restaurant will communicate a positive message to your dinner even before looking at the menu in the modern interior design setup of a restaurant. The entrance should be spacious and well-equipped for different seating arrangements for customers. There should be proper space, for keeping extra chairs and waiting for benches for customers.

Whether you want to launch a new restaurant, or looking to renovate your old restaurant, for this purpose, you can take the interior services from top 10 interior designers in Lucknow. Who can quickly provide the latest interior design ideas for restaurant to their clients. That can help in the smooth execution of your restaurant interior design project in India.

Scope of restaurant interior designing in India:- 


Since, at present, due to rapid growth in India’s Food & Beverage industry. There is a considerable demand for restaurant interior designers in India. People are now eager to take the services of restaurant interior designers & decorators for interior design and decoration of their small, medium or big restaurants. 

Suppose you are a restaurant owner in India. In that case, restaurant interior design theme should be an integral part of your restaurant marketing strategy. This is because the way your restaurant looks will be vital to your restaurant branding in market. Your interior decoration for restaurant will be the first thing, a customer will see as they walk through the entrance. This first impression will be responsible for how they look at your brand, what level of service they expect from your restaurant, How much time they would like to spend in your restaurant, and whether they want to visit your restaurant again or not.

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Best Restaurant interior design ideas in 2022:-

In this article, you will gain knowledge of some best restaurant interior design ideas in 2022. That can be helpful in the interior design and decoration of your restaurant. Here are some important restaurant interior design tips given by some experienced restaurant interior designers in Lucknow.

Develop a layout plan for your restaurant:- 

Before making any physical changes in any part of your restaurant, it is crucial to make a layout plan with the help of best interior designers and decorators in your locality. They can assist in making interior restaurant designs on a low budget. This layout plan will give you an approximate idea about the furniture’s location, size, and set-up in real-time. For example, you may desire to have the washroom at the left corner and the modular kitchen at the back. Furthermore, you may also want to maximize the space near the windows. So that there should be clear paths for both customers and servers in the restaurant

Create an Elegant Entrance:-

Having an eye-catching entryway is one approach to attract customers to the restaurant. The entrance should be distinctive, elegant, and appealing. The name of the restaurant should be prominent and apparent from the road. Make sure the entry is by the restaurant’s theme. For example, whether you’re providing Indian food, vibrant and decorative depictions of spices and plants could be exhibited at the entryway. However, if you’re offering seafood, a water/ocean theme entry would be suitable. For this purpose, you can take the consultancy services of interior designers in Lucknow U.P. Who can assist you in making use of restaurant interior design themes?

Keep your focus on Demographics:-

Consider who will be your clients while designing a restaurant. If you’re aiming for college students and teenagers, for instance, you should include bright and vivid colours and music-themed wallpaper and retro furniture. Corner bars should also have exotic lights and unique decorations in your restaurant’s interior design. On the other hand, if you’re targeting industry professionals, make the design contemporary, clean, and trendy with padded banquet seats and use-coloured furniture. The furnishings should be stylish and well-organized.

Optimum use of Lights in a restaurant:-

In the interior design of a restaurant, lighting is a crucial element. And usually includes a unique combination of electric and natural sunlight for a soothing effect on the eyes. Furthermore, choosing appropriate light colours is also crucial as they can have a considerable impact on the swinging moods and emotions of the clients. As a restaurant owner, you should ensure the lights can be adjustable to match the space and colours. For instance, for late evening dinners, you may desire to use a tabletop light in a semi-dark room to create a sensation of romance and intimacy.

Always be Color-wise during restaurant interior decoration Projects:-

You should generally avoid using unpleasant or dull colours because they have a significant effect on the emotions and decision-making of customers for attracting more clients to visit your restaurant. You will have to use shades that will make the restaurant look bigger and more open. Using soothing pastel tones in family-style restaurants is a crucial element. Along with this, you should have more bold colours surrounding the bar. Colours should be coordinated with the restaurant design and the client in general.

Make proper use of sound in your restaurant in India:-

 Music plays a crucial role in entertaining clients in a restaurant. For example, soothing music will appeal to people of all age groups, and the right music will encourage customers to eat more and revisit restaurants. The type of music will depend on the overall theme of the restaurant. Rather than have one speaker blaring the music, install the latest state of art stereo system that will echo gentle music from different places in the restaurant.

Don’t neglect the restroom in your restaurant:-

 While the interior decoration of a restaurant, the restroom, is generally neglected by the restaurant interior decorators in Lucknow, be assured it is one of the most crucial areas of your restaurant. Your eco -friendly interior designer should make visiting the restroom a pleasant experience, not something a customer should fear. Not only should the restroom be spacious and vibrant with all modern amenities, but it should be easy to clean. You want your restroom to smell fresh and be odour-free. A dirty, dingy restroom will harm customers, and this type of restroom is a sign that the customer will never visit the restaurant again

Focus on restaurant kitchen:-.

The kitchen is the backbone of any restaurant, and you should put a lot of effort into designing it to near perfection. Rather than causing congestion, you should go for an open concept kitchen with the help of Best 3D interior designers in Lucknow. Enable your clients to view what is happening inside the kitchen by using a glass door and windows. Maintain a light, well-ventilated, and large kitchen. There should be enough space for the workers to cook, walk, and clean.

Restaurant interior design cost in India:-

Generally, the cost of launching a restaurant in India depends mainly on two factors, 

  • the size of your restaurant
  • The city you’re planning to launch it.  

Here we will provide an overview of different interior design costs in India.

  • Rental cost:- Generally, the average space required to launch a restaurant is 950 sq. ft. The cost of land per square foot will vary in different cities. There are two ways to open a restaurant in India. You may either purchase space or rent one for launching your restaurant. The average cost of purchasing a commercial space may be between 50L to 1Cr. On the other hand, the average cost of renting a space for your restaurant would be between Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 1,00,000 a month. This cost will depend on the location of the restaurant.
  • License Cost:- It’s an essential criterion as per the law of every state in India that for opening a restaurant, all the required permits and licenses are essential. The cost of each license may vary. Some of them may even have a renewal fee that you will have to pay monthly or annually. For instance, FSSAI License is a 14 digit registration number given to restaurants. The central license costs Rs. 7500/-, State license is Rs. 2000- Rs.5000 Annually, and registration cost is Rs.100/-

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  • Liquor License- In case you are going to launch a restaurant that serves alcohol to its clients. Then you will have to pay Rs. 5,000 while submitting the various documents. Additionally, a sum of Rs. 50,000 is to be paid for liquors such as whiskey, rum, gin and more.
  • Health/Trade license – This is a necessary license that your restaurant will need. The cost of getting it will be between Rs. 500 – Rs. 50,000 depending on your restaurant’s needs in that particular state. 
  • Eating house license – The registration cost for getting the eating house certificate is approximately Rs. 300, and it’s valid for three years.
  • Shop and Establishment License – This license needs to be procured within 30 days of launching your restaurant. The cost ranges from Rs. 200 to Rs. 4,000 per year. This may differ depending on the number of workers and the location of your restaurant. 
  • Music License – Availing of a music license will depend on the seating capacity of your restaurant, and the annual fees may range from Rs. 3,500 – Rs. 10,000. This license is issued by Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL).


After reviewing the essential points of this article, one can quickly conclude that if you want to launch a new restaurant or remodel your old restaurant. You can quickly get the best restaurant interior design Ideas You can also get an approximate estimate of restaurant interior design costs by taking the assistance of best commercial interior designers in India. For instance, you can take the services of Decoruss, which is one of the prominent restaurant interior designer companies in Lucknow U.P. At Decoruss, our professional interior design team is fully dedicated to providing all types of technical solutions for your restaurant interior design project in Lucknow and other parts of India.